Review: Kate Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

I’m anal retentive about consistency, in both my work and my outfits. If there’s gold hardware on my accessories, then my shoes have to have gold hardware, and my bag has to be the same too. Since I’m totes into toting my awesome gold J’estina bag these days, guess what tone is my makeup?

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadowKate Goldish Eyes

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow (1)Kate Goldish Eyes PK-1 – S$27

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow info Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow info 2

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow (4)Instructions on how to use the eyeshadow colours

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow (2)

Kate Goldish Eyes eyeshadow (3)

I say…

Now you seldom see photos of me trying on eyeshadows – why? Cos of the type of double eyelids I have, which are tapered eyelids. Eyeshadows appear look better on parallel double eyelids,  But hey, I live with what I have – natural awesome beautehhhhh.

  • It comes in a compact casing, perfect for carrying around in your handbag.
  • There’s also a double-side sponge applicator in two sizes.
  • I love that it comes with 4 colours – that’s my bare minimum requirement for a palette. Anything less than that just doesn’t make it worth my while to carry around (plus it can barely make a significant difference when you change from a day to night look).
  • The grains are fine and fall-out is minimal.
  • I love that they are ridiculously shimmery (with Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold, so I hear).
  • The colour intensity isn’t that great though – I guess it’s cos it’s a Japanese brand, so their colour preference is skewed towards the gentle, natural and subtle looks. For the gold, pearl and pink colours, I had to apply several layers to achieve the intensity you see in the photos. On the bright side, the brown took a little less layering, so that’s alright with me.
  • The gold also wasn’t gaudily outlandish – it was more of shimmery gold and less yellow gold.
  • I love that the pink is so subtle and barely there , perfect for achieving the Korean celebrity vaguely-pink eye socket look.

Overall, it’s a palette that’s very much suitable for everyday use, especially on days that you want to channel your inner Japanese guniang. 😀


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