Review: VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark)

Recently, the rain has been pouring as if the Greek Gods on Olympus (or any other gods for that matter) were all simultaneously having IBS. For my readers who aren’t living on not-so-sunny Singapore, check this out.  But anyhoos, I’m really happy to report that I have emerged unscathed. Why? Cos I haz rainboots and raincoat (andddd for le brother who laughed at me for spending unnecessary moneh – in, your, face hah! – I know, I know, childish, but sibling ribbing is oh so fun and I’ll never get sick of it)

Moments in life are meant to be enjoyed, so yay, commence the festival of gloating, and along the rather-random train of thought, here’s my review of the day – VDL’s Festival Lipstick (Love Mark).

VDL Festival LipstickVDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in Matte Intense 502 Cruz

VDL Festival Lipstick (1)

VDL Festival Lipstick (2)VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in Matte Intense 502 Cruz

VDL Festival Lipstick (3)This swatch is more true to life – the swatch below has some light reflecting off it, so the intensity is dimmed.

VDL Festival Lipstick (4)

VDL Festival Lipstick (5)Me without and with the VDL Festival Lipstick (freshly applied)

I say…

  • The tube is a matte lightweight metallic tube with a magnetic snap closure.  I guess that’s why the tube perpetually feels cool to the touch. I’m not sure if the magnetism will fade over time, but hopefully not. I mean, its owner has such strong magnetism and allure. Like owner like lipstick, no?
  • It also has a faint scent – not sure what exactly it is, but it’s not overpowering.
  • Now, I’m not usually a fan of matte lipsticks, cos as you know, I’ve got Sahara-dry chapped lips. But this matte lipstick is surprisingly moist – andddd it still looks matte. I can feel the difference whenever I smack my lips. What’s more, you can see that my lips look distinctively moisturised.
  • It also spreads easily, and doesn’t require too many coats to achieve the colour intensity. In fact, I only applied 1 coat on my lips (and a few dabs here and there to cover up the gaps and fill in the lip shape).
  • Even after it fades, it seems to act like a lip tint, leaving my lips rosy red.
  • Although the colour effects don’t wear off that quickly, once the lipstick wears off, the moisturising effects go off as well, and my lips go from Angeline Jolie to Angelina holymoly.

Overall, a pretty decent lipstick to bring around, but for now, I still prefer my Vidi Vici lipstick simply for its colour tone – I like its hot cherry bombastic red justttt a tad bit more than I like this fiery chilly red. Personal preference really.


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