Review: Hera Pore Control Serum

Ever since I finished my Comedone Formula from DRx, I’ve been taking small steps in trying to wean myself off it. It works awesome, but it gets depleted at a much faster rate than I’d like it to. Isn’t it so ironic that my facial blackhole (le disgusting pores and blackheads) would be the one draining my moneh into a blackhole?

Here’s one product that I purchased in July at Lotte Department Store, Myeongdong, in hopes of causing an anti-cosmic activity on my face – begone blackheads!

 Hera Pore Refining SerumHera Pore Control Serum – KRW55,000

Hera Pore Refining Serum (1)

Hera Pore Refining Serum (2)

I say…

Admittedly, this is around the same price as the Comedone Formula, so it doesn’t really save me that much money.

  • Why did I buy this then? Because of 3 words – Shin Min Ah. Muahahah.
  • The gel is relatively watery and not too thick, so it’s easily absorbed.
  • It didn’t leave any stickiness nor greasy film behind – my skin was vaguely mattified in fact. I guess it did control sebum production from the pores in a way.
  • It smells awesome too, kinda like how I’d expect Shin Min Ah to smell in real life (ok now I really sound like a crazed fan).
  • Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as I’d expected it to. After 2 weeks of using it, I barely see any difference, compared with the Comedone Formula that gave me results within a week.
  • I’m not sure if it’s because my pores are beyond all help and need some serious SOS, cos this seems to be a relatively mild product.
  • It doesn’t do anything to my skin (no rashes, no stinging, nothing), but neither does it do anything for my skin (pores are more or less same sized, skin still feels slightly bumpy due to the white and blackheads).

Personally, I think those whose skins aren’t that pore-ful can consider trying this. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to make a trip down to the DRX clinic soon, before the blackheads invade my face to make me look poreful, pore-rifying, pore-rible.


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