Review: Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch Voyage Powder

I guess being a somewhat-hoarder can have somewhat benefits. Everytime I dig into my makeup drawers, I unearth something that makes me go “Woah, when did I get such an awesome item!?” It’s like a blackhole of surprises (fine, so it’s a blackhole that I actually have to top up myself, but it still works). Here’s one that I found sitting quietly in the corner of my drawers.

Guerlain Meteorites Travel TouchGuerlain Meteorites Travel Touch Voyage Powder

Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch (1)

Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch (2)Intentionally dusting on a truckload of powder so that it can be captured by the camera.

Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch (3)

I say…

I thought this was gonna be all Rihanna, making me shine bright like a diamond, but nahhhh.

  • As you can see (or not see), there’s nary a sparkle. Don’t get me wrong – there are some very, very minute specks of sparkle that can’t be captured by the camera.
  • The powder grains are really fine, so fine that you can barely see it. I had to pound the puff really energetically onto the back of my hands to get an amount visible to the eye.
  • On the contrary to being a highlighter, it seems to be more of a skin brightening powder.
  • It adds a nice faint pink tinge to my skin – perfect for those who have slight yellow undertones.
  • I did try using it to highlight my nose bridge, but it kinda resulted in my nose looking slightly pudgy instead, possibly due to the lack of sparkly bits (and now it sounds like I’m trying to do a Mardi Gras on my nose).

Overall, a small and compact powder to bring around, especially on your travels, but use it as a setting powder (or blotting powder if you must) instead of a highlighter. Just be sure to wash your puff regularly – don’t be no dirrrty gurl.


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