Review: VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not slim. Naturally, I’d assume that since I’m so well-nourished, I’d have no lack of nutrition and be healthy right? Sadly, no. Damnit. Whenever I go down cos of a bad tummy or a crazy migraine, the medication I have to take always results in my lips peeling. This is why I always have to carry a lip balm around with me… along with my entire makeup kit. Since there’s clearly limited space in my bag, I love multi-usage products such as the VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot.

VDL Triple ShotVDL Tint Bar Triple Shot  in 501 Triple Red – it also comes in 2 other shades

VDL Triple Shot shades

VDL Triple Shot (2)A clear casing so that you can admire the 3 colours

VDL Triple Shot (1)

VDL Triple Shot info

How to wear this product:

  1. Main Color: Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, this color layer brightly stains lips as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping.
  2. Sub Color: This lightly tinted balm conditions and seamlessly blends color into your lips for a natural, gradient effect.
  3. Base Color: This lip base naturally blends the lip line with your original skin tone and evens out and nourishes discolored, dry lips into a smooth, even base. The base prevents feathering and creates a purer, lasting color effect.

How to Create Triple-Shot Lips
1. Voluminous Gradient Lips (aka Just-bitten)
a. Place Base color on the outer lip line and Main Color on the inner lip.
b. Glide product sideways along lips to create and enjoy the most voluminous, gradient lips.

2. For Long-Lasting Milky Colored Lips
a. Place all three sections of the lipstick vertically on the lips.
b. Glide the product sideways along the lips.
c. The three colors mix together creating beautiful, milky colored lips.

VDL Triple Shot (3)

VDL Triple Shot (4)Isn’t the gradiation pretty?!

VDL Triple Shot (5)a

  • Left: Before application
  • Middle: After application – the nude portion was applied to the outer corners whilst the redder colour was applied on the inner lips.
  • Right: Sweeping it all across my lips for full pink/reddish lips

VDL Triple Shot (6)Note that the outer corners of my lips are still peeling as an after-effect of medication.

I say…

Isn’t the Triple Shot so quirky and more importantly, useful?

  • It’s a tint, lip-balm and base in one. The VDL website says that “This innovative triple-colored tint coats, treats and colors lips for a bright and voluminous look in just a single sweep of the stick.” And you know what, I agree.
  • It’s handy and easy to carry around. However, I have a feeling that the click-cover may become looser over time due to wear and tear. We’ll see about that.
  • The Triple Shot goes on smoothly, barely pulling my lips even though they’re as dry as Cruella deville’s sense of humour.
  • It gives you two looks with just one product – what’s more, there’s no need to blend using your fingers or a puff.
  • Note that the Triple Shot is pretty moisturising, and if you choose to go with the Just-bitten look, it will look a lot nicer on  lips that are not chapped beyond repair (aka mine). Just remember not to smack your lips, or the effect will be gone.
  • The colour also lasts for a long time – I’m guessing it’s cos of the tint factor. I wore it to the Etude House Play Pink Party yesterday, and my lips were (thankfully) still a rosy pink at 10pm, despite only applying it at 3pm.

One of the more unique beauty products that I’ve seen in a long time – go get it! VDL’s flagship store is at Suntec City #02-338/339.


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