Review: Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB

These days, the alphabets BB can mean so many things – beauty balm, blemish balm, and to me – cue a Brit accent- bloomin’ ballocks. But of course, my BB obsession doesn’t lie in the derriere; as you already know, I have enough BB creams / CC creams to form a moat around my house in case of a zombie invasion.

Here’s another addition to my BB cream army – this time, it hails from Japan. My last BB cadet came from somewhere-not-in-Asia and didn’t perform all that well.

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BBMaquillage Perfect Multi Base BB from Shiseido

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (1)The only bunch of English words I could find on the packaging (other than the product name)

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (2)

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (3)A nice, natural and semi-matte finish

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (4)As you can see, my skintone is more of the rosy pink types whilst the BB is slightly more yellow-tinged. It does blend nicely into my skin though.

Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (5)Using only the Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB (no loose powder, no powder, etc) + VDL Festival Love Mark Blusher + The Face Shop Twinkle Eye Liner + Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner

I say…

  • The packaging is simple enough – a tube with a screw-on cap that dispenses BB cream, or base, I’m not quite sure what it is.
  • It smells friggin’ awesome – I suspect that if you apply with your fingers and then dig your nose after, you’ll still catch whiffs of the scent. Not that I’m advocating that you do both at the same time though…
  • It spreads evenly and easily, and to my surprise, actually gave pretty decent coverage. Now I’m thinking that this could possibly be a BB instead. For those with more insane dark eye circles (see photo of me for example), you might need to pile on some concealer or pat on some two-way cake to mask the darkness.
  • The finish is enough to mask some pores and is semi-matte, so if you’re looking for something glowy, this won’t be it.
  • In fact, my skin feels vaguely velvety after application.
  • It feels really light and there’s a barely-there feel as well, so at this point, I’m wondering if it is actually a base. I’m such a confused dory now.
  • Although it seems to match my skintone, if you look carefully, it has a slight yellowish tinge. It’s justttt noticeable if someone stares at me for 10 seconds or more.

Overall, a pretty decent BB cream (base?) to have for days when you want to have a natural look.


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