Review: Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner

The weather in Singapore is so erratic, and it really disrupts my noon nap times (oh yeah baybeh, I get noon naps, jelly much? hehehe). Add the cray cray weather conditions to my amayzing ability to retain water, and it results in my natural aegyo sal (the puffy parts under the eyes).

On one hand, I have perpetually puffy eyes. On the other hand, it really makes me happy cos there are actually aesthetic clinics offering this treatment at hundreds of dollars  – what can I say? I’m naturally blessed (and too financially broke).

There are many ways to attain this aegyo sal look (check out my previous post on Aegyo Sal to find out what it is), and the less invasive method is of course, through makeup. Here’s one that might work for you, the Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner that I received from their Kate Spring Summer launch event.

Kate Shiny Eyelid LinerKate Shiny Eyelid Liner in PK-1 – $20.50

Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner pink 2

Available in two colours – BE-1 Smooth Beige (top) and PK-1 Soft Pink  (bottom)

Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner (1)A fine brush tip similar to Maybelline’s Hyperglossy Liquid Liner Pop

Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner (2)A subtle finish from PK-1

Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner (3)A rare moment where I post not 1, not 2, but 6 photos of myself in one single entry. Time to buy 4D!

Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner (4)Applying just 2 layers to brighten up my eyes

I say…

  • It comes in a long slim packaging – twist open the cap to reveal the brush applicator attached. Very much idiot-proof I say.
  • I like that the handle is long enough for you to get a firm grip on – it’s about 7.9cm long. You can almost hold it like a pencil.
  • The brush tip is really fine, about 1mm in width (including the glitter density).
  • The glitters are subtle but visible – they don’t sparkle like the CLIO Glitter Eyeliner – this is a more toned-down version.
  • They can still be seen from beneath my glasses, and bring some light to my otherwise major panda eyes.
  • Since the brush tip is so fine, I usually apply a couple of layers (or more) to achieve the effect I want. Initially, it doesn’t cake, but after about 4-5 hours of wear, it begins to cake very slightly.
  • To avoid caking, you can also choose to smudge it out to spread the glitter evenly.
  • The fall-out also isn’t that much, and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

This is good enough for everyday use – to be the Everyday Awesome Girl. However, if you’re going all out for the big night out, perhaps you can try another one.


3 thoughts on “Review: Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner

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