Review: Innisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner

And it’s Tuesday after the super long weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’m still totally an emo nemo – blue, oh I’m so blue. I just wanna curl up in bed and turn into a giant shrimp (that hopefully doesn’t get cooked by Gordon Ramsay). But ok, I digressed totally.

I’m meeting a friend tonight to catch up con a free meal, so I guess the least I could do is to put on a decent face. But since I’m totally out of any motivation, I’m gonna have to use my multi-purpose weapon – this Innisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner that I discovered hiding in a corner of Innisfree.

Innisfree Jumbo Shadow LinerInnisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner – KRW7,000

Innisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner (1)

Innisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner (2)L: 1호 / 밤 하늘 빛난별 (No. 1 Night Sky) and R: 2호 / 우주 여행 (No. 2 Space Travel).

Innisfree Jumbo Shadow Liner shadesOther shades include No 3 3호 / 눈부신풀빛 (my literal translation is: Dazzling Dark Green) and No. 4: 4호 / 꿈꾸는 벚꽃 (Dreaming Cherry Blossoms)

I say…

  • Aren’t the colours just ridiculously gorgeous?!
  • It’s so highly pigmented – colour is intense and the glitter shimmers are so eye-catching and sparkling.
  • It. does. not. budge. I kid you not – try swatching it on the back of your hands and then try rubbing it off with your fingers.
  • It stays for so, so long on my oil lids, even without primer.
  • Because the colour is so intense, all it takes is just 1-2 coats to get the effect I want.
  • What’s more, it spreads very easily and evenly on my lids  – I seldom use the other end to smudge out the colour cos I find that it just results in the colour transferring onto the sponge tip instead. And you know me – why should I waste colour?
  • It’s also quite crease-proof.
  • Although it does dry quite quickly, it’s best to let it set for 15-30 seconds before opening your eyes, cos for some strange reason , it also helps to define my double eyelids (or rather, re-define it into another line).
  • I personally wouldn’t use it as an eyeliner cos it’s quite a chunky pencil. Instead, I prefer using it as an eyeshadow to show off the beautiful colours.
  • Glitter fallout is also minimal (although I’m not sure why some other reviews say that there’s fallout).

Overall, a total must-buy – it’s convenient to use and great for touch-ups, and it stays for such a long time. What’s more, the glitter and pigmentation is so intense. ooh-la-la baybeh!


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