Review: Kanebo Kate Lash Extension Mascara

As I was chatting, or rather, gossiping with my usual pals the other day, I realised (to my horror) that I still had a few hundred dollars of credit left at Browhaus, and I suspect it expires at the end of this year. I signed up for it in the first place cos I was excessively doing eyelash extensions for a period of time, and I daresay it made me look really kawaii.

But then I realised that it made eye makeup removal a pain in the arse ( I had to surreptitiously avoid the lash line). I also could wash my face and rub it with my palms to get that “ahhhh now all the makeup is off” feeling either. Most importantly, as I mentioned in my review of Etude House Oh My Goodness! Trouble Break Mist, I’m a side sleeper. The eyelash extensions totally impeded my attempts to snuggle my pillow. Sigh.

It was then I decided to wean off the extensions and go for mascara. Here’s one that I received at the launch of Kate’s Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Kate Long and Curl MascaraKate Lash Extension Mascara

Kate Long and Curl Mascara poster eng

Kate Long and Curl Mascara (1)

Kate Long and Curl Mascara (2)Fibres galoreeeee for extensions.

Kate Long and Curl Mascara (3)L: A top-down photo, and R: a front straight-on photo. You can see a slight uplift in my lashes.

Kate Long and Curl Mascara (4)Sooo.  Do I look anything like the poster model? Lol

I say…

This is such a typical Japanese product – it extends the lashes so gracefully and almost subtly.

  • The curved brush makes for easy application, but I wouldn’t say it’s even application.
  • It dries relatively quickly.
  • Yes it does extend slightly with the fibres and it also curls slightly.
  • However, the curling effect is not as awesome as I wanted it to be. Not sure if it’s cos of my ultra stubborn poker-straight lashes though.
  • It also flakes and clumps just very slightly when you attempt to apply several coats.
  • It doesn’t volumnise that dramatically, as you can see.
  • I’d call this more of a daytime mascara cos it gives such a natural effect. Not my choice for the night though.
  • It’s also removed pretty easily with my Heroine Make Mascara Remover and Biore Cleansing Tissue.

Overall, a decent mascara if you’re more of the subtle non-boomz type.


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