Review: Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo and Rinse

After having (almost) conquered Sulwhasoo and its range of products, I now move my glance on to other brands. hurhurhur. Targets I have in sight are Hera and Innisfree, and since I’m more or less semi bankrupted from the Sulwhasoo shopping, I’m slowly (but surely) making my move on the comparatively cheaper Innisfree.

Innisfree Camelia Magic Styling HaircareInnisfree Camellia Magic Styling Rinse (KRW9,000) and Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo (KRW8,000)

Innisfree Camelia Magic Styling Haircare (1)

Innisfree Camelia Magic Styling Haircare (2)The usual consistencies and textures of creamy rinse (aka conditioner) and a nice pearly milky shampoo.

Innisfree Camelia Magic Styling Haircare (3)

I say…

This is one for the girls who love their sleek, long shiny hair. But to be honest, I was initially attracted by the picture of Yoona – I’m such a sucker for advertising. I really believed that buying this would make my hair (and subsequently my face) look like her. hah.

  • It smells really nice – not sure if there’s any specific camellia scent, but I do know that it makes me happy in the shower.
  • The shampoo – you know, the usual, froths and lathers up adequately for a clean wash.
  • It didn’t give me much dandruff nor itching though.
  • The rinse (Koreans call it rinse, we call it conditioner) – is what really works, in my opinion. It really makes my hair sleeker and smoother – and this was during the days that my hair was at its massive peak. I could have gone for a casting for Narnia: The Land of Bad Lion Mane Hair.
  • On the slight flipside, it does result in a slight loss of volume (but then again I love my hair to be as large as possible without going into Afro mode).
  • The instructions say that it makes for easier styling – but after using it, my hair becomes sleek enough to do without any styling. soooo I don’t have much to say about that. hah.
  • I found that there was slightly more hairfall than usual (when compared with my Ryeo shampoo and conditioner). Nothing drastic like a clogged drain cover, but still enough for it to be noticeable.
  • I like the price point – at KRW8,000 and KRW9,000, students and working adults can both afford it.
  • One thing though – I find that the rinse leaves my bathroom floor quite slippery (my place was built long ago and doesn’t have non-slip tiles nor mats). I’ll often have to rinse out the floor thoroughly after every shower. I’m guessing it’s cos of the silica ingredient, which makes both my hair and the floor become smoother.

Overall, a decent haircare range that hasn’t had any adverse effects on me, but I’ll just return back to my Ryeo shampoo and conditioner cos it makes my hair fall out less.


6 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo and Rinse

  1. please continue to conquer sulwhasoo products!! ^^ you are the only blogger who loves sulwhasoo as much as I do haha. I have been wanting to try more sulwhasoo products, but the price tag is too much! and I am going to save it for when I hit my 30’s to start using it… don’t want my skin to get bored of sulwhasoo already!

    • haha yes yes I’ll continue to amass my army of Sulwhasoo products. The thing is, when I was there 2 weeks ago, I didn’t have a lot of things to buy – cos I already have them at home :p I ended up buying their bb cushion, the new Tru-something something mask and replenishing my first care serum. Will start testing those out soon 😀 and yes, it’s so awesome that you’re starting and saving early -major thumbs up-

      • Can I expect to see a review of the new bb cushion? 😀 btw I click on your blog everyday to see if you have new reviews haha. and yeah I love the first care serum too! I mix it with my dr jart bb cream + very liquidy sunscreen into 1 thing, and it works great! (my foundation/bb cream can sometimes look rly dry and look cakey)

        btw I’ve been wanting to ask a dermatologist this, but I never had the chance. do you think that our skin can get “bored” of the products? eg the product when I first use it is rly effective, but it isn’t so effective after a while although it is still good. is it b/c the skin is getting used to it? so if I want sulwhasoo to be effective for me when I “really” need it, should I use it later? (I’ve been concerned about some fine lines under my eyes, and while I want to start stopping it right now, I am not sure if I should start using sulwhasoo now or not… SOS haha)

      • I’ve still got some BB / CC stuff to test (and I usually test it for a week or two before posting up my reviews), so the Sulwhasoo BB cushion will come in a couple of weeks at the earliest..
        ooh thanks! actually I blog everyday (except for weekends and when I’m overseas).
        For that question, I will not be able to answer it cos I’m not a qualified dermatologist (and I don’t want to mess up your skin) All I can say is if there are fine lines under your eyes, it’s time to change your eye cream to a firming or anti-ageing one – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sulwhasoo one, just a good one 🙂

      • ok no rush hehe. I will anticipate it~ I am using Algenist antiaging/firming serum already, but about the same haha. I bought 10 of the Sulwhasoo firming 5 mL samples (to make my own 50 mL jar for way cheaper), so I will be using that once im done the algenist ^^ thanks for your advice hehe

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