Event: Maybelline Let’s Rock The Rocket at Zouk

Call me dirty-minded, but somehow.. rocking the rocket sounds remotely like a soft-porn title to me,.. or it could just be the lack of sleep heh. This event took place last week at one of Singapore’s top clubs (aka my second home at some point in my younger years). Maybelline sure knpws how to throw a party – there’s usually free flow booze for VIPs and plenty of fringe events to keep us entertained. What’s more, it was all just for one mascara. *thumbs up*

Maybelline Rocket at ZoukThere’s a cocktail contest, insta-printouts for the camwhores…

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (2)… and even the usual makeover stations. I was kinda looking forward to this, which was why I arrived at 8 on the dot, but when I was there.. the Maybelline girls were getting their makeup done.

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (1)

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (3)Gurl, I’m lovin’ your major push-up boobehs. I wants to get the same push-up bra šŸ˜€

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (4)Host Tosh Zhang takes the stage amidst wild cheering from a lot of xmms (short form for xiao mei meis, which means little girls in Mandarin). I was kinda tired that day, so I didn’t lug around my ginormous super zoom Panny camera.

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (5)Standing up at VIP area meant we had an open bar, but a far, far, distance from the stage.

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (6)My pal Larry taking the stage to demo makeup tips. Like WOAH check out his crazy galactic haute couture editorial shoot eye makeup! And side note: I never noticed how crazy angular Beatrice Chia’s jawline was.

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (7)Games involving a man, a mascara, and a maiden. Go figure.

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (8)Models (??) modelling MDS clothes taking the stage – I feel really bad for saying this but the girls really weren’t up to par, even after Larry’s magic fingers. I’d rather they had the pretty bloggers such as Beatrice and Evonnz instead.

photoThe saving grace of the fashion show – topless men always work wonders. ALWAYS. muahahaha. -wipes drool off-

Maybelline Rocket at Zouk (9)And finally, the star of the night – the Maybelline Rocket mascara. I nipped it from the makeover counter for photo taking, but I didn’t dare/want to try it. Soooo. I can’t tell you how it works. But stay tuned, cos I’ve got a couple of mascara reviews coming up in the next few days!

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