Review: Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream

Over the weekend, I attempted to clear my luggage of the stuff that I’d bought. It’s not as though I bought thattt many things from Korea – well, ok, I did buy quite an amount of stuff, but it wasn’t up to my usual standards heh. The problem was that my room was already chock-full of products from my last 10 million trips there. In clearing my stuff. The portion that I found the most difficulty in making space was: a) the skincare portion and b) the BB/CC cream/Foundation portion. If you’ve been following my instagram, you’ll have seen my haul this time round. For those who haven’t… well, behold.

CC creams5 CC creams, 1 BB cream and 1 Foundation (and no weddings nor funerals)

Surprisingly, one that I took to the most wasn’t a CC cream, but a BB cream instead. After having tried out so many CC creams, I’ve found their coverage lacking. My panda eyes require a shitload of help, so here’s one that sort of gave a push to the path that leads to light and radiance.

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB CreamRidiculously cheap – Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream at KRW8,800 in 21 Light shade

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream (1)I spy with my little eye: Spelling error on the left side – it says Botanial instead of Botanical. Heh. Occupation hazard.

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream poster

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream (2)First you see it.. and then holymotherofblending, it almost disappears.

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream (3)A different view so that you can see how well it blends into my skin

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream (4)forgive my skin – the heat + humidity + non-stop walking + daily aggravation by my mom calling me fat took its toll on my skin

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream (5)And voila! The Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream with a light dusting of Hera’s HD Fix Powder on top.

I say…

I’m actually glad I bought this BB cream – I was -this- close to not buying it cos my mom was badgering with the China Chinese employee. They’re everywhere I tell you. It was as though I’d taken a trip to China instead of to Korea. Tsk. At the last minute, I decided to just grab this and pay for it.

  • The cream is smooth and not overly-rich, and is easily to apply without pulling on the skin.
  • It’s got a nice fragrant scent to it – not particularly botanical but more cosmetic.
  • It blends very, very easily into the skin.
  • It gives a slightly more matte finish than glowy – I’d say 65% matte: 35% glow. It still gives a nice radiant finish though.
  • It’s relatively lightweight, and yet still gives a decent coverage.
  • It did take 3 coats + 1 dusting of loose powder to cover my dark eye circles though.
  • Since it’s so lightweight, the coverage doesn’t last that long though – a decent amount of time (about 4 hours) before you have to touch up.
  • It doesn’t cake much – it just quietly fades away, so there’s no gross oxidised residue on your face.
  • Considering the fact that it’s called a Pore BB Cream, it doesn’t cover that much pores, but I guess you can’t ask for the world at KRW8,800.

Overall, a good find and a decent BB cream for its lightweight texture and decent coverage. Oh, did I mention the tiny price tag of just KR8,800? (Yes I’m clearly very amazed with the price) But then again, it’s quite a small bottle compared with the rest of the BB creams I’ve tried (it’s only 30ml, so go compare with the rest of your skincare products to get a gauge) I guess this will serve me very well, considering my Dory-attention span for BB creams, CC creams and foundations.

3 thoughts on “Review: Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream

  1. thanks for your great review, i juz decide to try this bb cream. hope this’ll work on me too. seems we have the common concern of big pores (sad), but i have to say that my case is a lot worse than yours. have you tried any serum/essence for pore tightening? I’m trying it’s skin Power 10 Formula PO effector and really look forward to its miracle as claimed.

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