Review: The Face Shop Face It Lesson 02 Slim Long Mascara

I’m not a huge fan of reviewing mascaras, simply because I don’t know where to look when I’m taking photos heh. In fact, I do believe I go vaguely crossed-eyed. But oh well, a beauty blogger must do what a beauty blogger does – be fair and square in doing reviews in order to deliver the best to the le beloved readers 😀

TFS Slim Long MascaraThe Face Shop Face It Lesson 02 Slim Long Mascara – S$22.90

TFS Slim Long Mascara posterYes yes,  I know I’m a little behind with this review – forgive meeeeee. The range also comes with a special eyelash curler in hot pink and black.

TFS Slim Long Mascara (1)A really aptly named product – the applicator is indeed slim.

TFS Slim Long Mascara (2)Left: With mascara, and Right: Without mascara

I say…

Well, as you can see, it does give me longer lashes.

  • The slim applicator is really good for getting in between the lashes and avoiding clumps. I seriously hate clumps, cos I’ve got high (and fat) cheekbones, and it’ll result in a lot of smudging and flaking onto my cheeks.
  • Also because of the slim applicator, you can apply several coats without much clumping.
  • What’s more, I like that you can now apply mascara more easily on the lower lashes because of the small applicator.
  • Despite it giving me slightly longer lashes – it doesn’t curl that well, simply cos I’ve got really stubborn lashes. There’s a slight upward bend though (sorry, really not good at taking eye / lash photos).
  • It also feels relatively lightweight – the formula isn’t as heavy as some others I’ve used before.
  • (Unfortunately, I forgot to test to see if this is waterproof – will go home today to do so!)

Generally, an okay mascara for lengthening and especially for the lower lashes, but if you’ve got poker-straight lashes like me, don’t be looking for any dramatic curling effect from this mascara. 🙂


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