Review: The Face Shop Aura Color Control CC Cream

As a beauty blogger, it’s really essential to put your best face forward – not just to have a pretty face, but also to have a consistent branding. For me, I usually trust my accountant friend to split the bill after a girls’ night out; similarly  I’d trust a beauty blogger who can apply makeup properly and dissect the product’s pros and cons.

Once of the reasons why I’ve been on a product review hiatus is cos I’ve been ill – that means deathly pale gray pallour and a not-as-awesome face. I wouldn’t be doing the product any justice if I used it. And for those who say “hey if if makes you look better when you’re sick, then it must be a good product!” – I’m not a corpse, not yet anyway 😀

Here’s a long overdue review on yet another CC Cream from my army 😀

TFS Aura CC Cream info

TFS Aura CC CreamThe Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream / Face It CC cream

TFS Aura CC Cream (1)Comes with a soft but slightly odd-shaped puff (which I won’t use anyway. I prefer using either a brush or my fingers for more even application)

TFS Aura CC Cream (2)Remove the sticker to reveal.. le hole.

TFS Aura CC Cream (3)The dispense system is simple – just press the clear “button” and the CC cream comes out from le hole.

TFS Aura CC Cream (5)A smooth, creamy CC cream that gives good coverage and glowwwwww.  I’m using Shade 01 Bright Beige. There’s also Shade 02 Natural Beige.

TFS Aura CC Cream (4)Great natural coverage 😀

TFS Aura CC Cream (6)Using The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream without any loose powder. Eyeliner for the day comes from VDL – review to come soon 🙂

I say…

Me really likey this one.

  • It comes in a very convenient casing – it’s basically like a cream version of a foundation case.
  • However, the mirror doesn’t stretch to the edges (like the O Hui Cream Cover Foundation). My face can fit into the mirror, but it’s just that I prefer having a large one.
  • The delivery system is simple – press to dispense. In a way, it’s hygienic, but on the other hand, you have absolutely no idea of knowing when you’ll run out and have to buy a new one.
  • 1-2 pushes dispenses an amount that’s enough for my whole face (with some leftover).  It may seem little, but because the cream is smooth and easy to apply, and because it gives good coverage, that amount is sufficient.
  • The cream spreads easily and quite evenly.
  • It gives good coverage – sufficient to cover my dark circles with 2-3 coats (which is quite a feat considering that I must be the closest living relative to a panda).
  • The finish is a good mix of matte and glow. It also helps to brighten up my overall complexion.
  • The puff isn’t my most preferred method of application though – it inevitably absorbs some product, and I’m totally against product wastage, especially a good one like this. I prefer using my fingers or a brush.
  • What’s more, if I don’t use the puff, I find that if I cannot finish using the amount dispensed, I can leave it on the surface (but with the lid closed) for future usage. It’s like leaving paint out on an easel 😀

Overall, I’m loving this cos I can bring it around for touch-ups or for doing up my face completely. It’s also got good coverage, and because a little can go a long way, I won’t need a lot of product on my face. I hereby bestow upon this  CC cream the title of Commander CC cream since it’s one of the better CC creams in my army. 

You can purchase this online at MOOTTA, a Korean beauty and fashion site 😀


19 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Aura Color Control CC Cream

  1. Glad to know you’re feeling better!~ ^^

    I’ve been waiting for your opinion on this CC cream (or any product for that matter, hehe.) I wasn’t sure if it was worth the try since I haven’t really delved into CC creams. I feel you on the dark circles though. When I get back from vacation I’ll definitely purchase… I always pick it up in store and then put it back down because of the in store mark up. 😦

    • yes yes I’m sort of back! 😀 you can see that my dark circles are still visible though.. but it is one of the CC creams with stronger coverage.. I’m heading to korea next week, so it’s time to buy alllllll the new makeup products 😀

  2. Hi! Which one do you prefer between this face shop cc cream and the innisfree air skin fit bb cream? Eg. Shade, texture and finish wise.
    Thanks 🙂

    • hello! sorry for the late reply – too many queries to reply :O for me, I prefer this one cos it lasts longer, and cos my skin secretes a truckload of oil, so this is slightly more resistant to melting. The innisfree Air Skin Fit BB is a more lightweight and natural bb cream, so it is more easily melted by my facial sebum 🙂

  3. Pingback: Su:m 37 Air Rising CC Cream | Because every part of you can be beautiful, even your buns

    • Hello! I am not able to reply that because I don’t know your skin tone, and I don’t have Skin79 Gold BB cream as a comparison. Perhaps you can buy some samples online to try it out on your skin – this will be the best gauge 🙂

  4. Hi, this will be my first time purchasing actually makeup. I know the difference between bb and cc cream, but idk which one suits me more. I dont mind shelling out a little more as long as the product is worth my money. I have normal skin (a little on the sensitive side) which gets a little oily during the summer. I also live in humid-ish area. I dont know whether the Cushion Screen Cell or The Aura Control CC cream suits me more. I understand both creams have many benefits. I dont need mouch coverage, though however, like you, I’m also pretty closely related to pandas. can you give me your opinion?

    • Hi Emily, if you’re in a humid area, I’d recommend the Aura Control CC cream more, cos it has a stronger staying power (and has the plus side of stronger coverage for the dark eye circles). The Cushion Screen Cell is more moist / dewy, and could start pulling a Copperfield by mid-day. 🙂

  5. Hello! May i know how long does the cream lasts on your face? Did you use any setting powder over it?
    Looking forward to your reply, thank you!!

    • hello! this product review was actually almost 2 years back so I thinkkkk it lasted pretty long (I recall that it had a pretty decent staying power). I don’t use setting powders. 🙂

  6. Hi, nice review. I have an asian skin colour but slightly tan. Well, can you tell me which cc cream is better: the bright beige or the natural beige? or else I think i have to check at the new faceshop store itself.
    Thank you 🙂

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