Review: ONL Oceaniq 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream

Psy was hugeeee in 2012 – so huge that he’s now an ambassador for practically everything and anything, from Bibigo to even (get this) a makeup brand. I saw this brand for the first time in April 2013,  and despite my usual fanatism and obsession over all skincare brands Korean, I was, for the first time, a bit apprehensive.


Basically the brand is called ONL, which is a shortened form of 오늘 (o-neul), which means “today”. The brand philosophy works around the concept of today is beautiful (I think).  It’s slightly different from the other beauty brands – it’s a little more laidback, more chill. Their logo is a bird, so they have a campaign called Happy Bird (I. am. loving. this. haha), and they even teach you how to recycle old ONL product bottles into home decor items!

Anyhoos, I didn’t trust Psy enough to buy anything (that, and also cos I’d exceeded my luggage limit spectacularly), so I came back without any ONL products. But you know, all things Korean gravitate towards me, so somehow, I managed to magically get my hands on this – a little bird dropped it off at my house. Ooh. Maybe it’s the ONL Happy Bird.

Nahhhhh, just kidding. Beauty Credit / Somang very kindly passed me one set to try 😀

ONL CC creamONL Oceaniq 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream – $69.90

ONL CC cream (1)

Here’s the extract from the press release:

ONL by sOmang’s Oceaniq is a highly functional marine vital skin care using Sticky Liposome Technology. This technology enables the product components to reach the damaged parts of all skin layers, such as the dry, dark, and wrinkled parts and supply the components into our skin. It effectively revitalizes aging skin, helps face lifting and creates a long-lasting effect up to12 hours with only one use.
It is a 5-in-1 skin care solution where it acts as a primer and foundation, provides UV protection with SPF 30/PA++, wrinkles repair and whitening. Its colour-changing blending technique will match your skin tone for an everyday natural look!

Products are made from marine components with regenerative properties such as:

  • Deep sea water—Low temperature water from over 200 m water depth, rich in natural minerals including magnesium, calcium, and sodium as well as nutrients for excellent antioxidation and regeneration of skin in addition to moisturizing.
  • Four seaweeds complex from Jeju Sea—Staghorn: moisturizes, and is an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory product that protects skin from heat aging. Fusiformis enhances elasticity, whitens, inhibits the oxidation, and brightens skin tone. Sweet laver inhibits oxidation, calms, and whitens. Sea mustard helps to detox, antiwrinkle, rich in chlorophyll and vitamin A, and skin regeneration
  • Fermented fish collagen—Easily absorbed in the skin for enhanced elasticity – Compared to other animal collagen, it is four times richer in serine for antiwrinkle effect – Rich in proline with excellent moisturizing power

Oceaniq 3d Anti-Wrinkle Total solution CC cream does not contain harmful additives that are damaging to our skin—No mineral oil, no benzophenone, no animal ingredients, no BHT and no Talc.

ONL CC cream (2)A cute fat tub with a press-pump delivery system

ONL CC cream (3)Very much impressed with the way the colour changes – and it didn’t even require as much massaging with the fingers as the other CC creams I’ve tried

ONL CC cream (4)Look at the beautifully natural finish!

ONL CC cream (5) yeah, sorry about the red splotchy face as usual… please focus on the CC cream instead 😀

ONL CC cream (6)So impressed with the glowy finish that I posted two photos instead of my usual one.

ONL CC cream (7)Me, my constipated smile at 6am in the morning, my left profit and my right profit 😀

Here’s an extra-large version so you can check out the finish. Not embedding it in here cos well, the only time I wanna stare at a life-sized version of my face is when I’m holding a mirror. heh. yes, every girl has her own issues.

I say…

Well, if it hasn’t been obvious enough with the photo porn, I am loving this product 😀

  • It comes in a nice matte pink fat tub that isn’t a fingerprint magnet. Its finish is also smooth to the touch.
  • The delivery system is hygienic – just one pump is enough to dispense a blob that’s enough for my whole (fat) face.
  • Although it’s hygienic, I have no idea how much is left, so that’s a downside.
  • The CC cream, when freshly dispensed, has very, very miniscule grains which I assume to be the colour-changing pigments.
  • However, as you apply it to your face, it doesn’t scratch or give you any abrasions.
  • In fact, I was pretty surprised that it was quite smooth and creamy and spreads reallllly easily.
  • It also changed colour from white (or even vaguely lilac) to beige really quickly. I didn’t have to make any effort to blend it – just normal application was sufficient.
  • It gives decent coverage – see photos for proof. Dark eye circles-wise, it requires 2-3 coats for my panda eyes.
  • Its finish is a good mix of dewy and matte – I’d say 50-50 even steven.
  • It lasts a decent amount of time before commencing its disppearing act – about 6 hours ish.
  • Note that this CC cream’s beige is slightly darker than the other CC creams I’ve tried – you can see the difference between my face and neck, but it’s not that noticeable that I would stop using this. I’m thinking this will be a good match for those who are in between shades 21-23 and 23.

Overall, I think this is one of the better CC creams currently available in Singapore. It changes colour easily, can match a larger range of skin tones (considering the fact that I’m slightly fairer than some Singaporeans), is so smooth, and gives a decent dewy-matte finish. Quick go geddit naoooo.

Available at the following places:


  • NEX #01-77 (Serangoon MRT) 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
  • AMK HUB #02-43 (Ang Mo Kio MRT) 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 569933
  • CAUSEWAY POINT #01-23A (Woodlands MRT) 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099


  • JURONG POINT #B1-85 (Boon Lay MRT) 63 Jurong West Central 3, Singapore 648331
  • ONE RAFFLES PLACE* #02-16A (Raffles Place MRT) Formally known as OUB Centre 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616

10 thoughts on “Review: ONL Oceaniq 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream

    • Hmm I personally wouldn’t do it cos it’ll feel like there’s a lot of product on my face – if I had to, I’d use this ONL CC cream as a base and top up with a BB cream.

    • Hi, I think this one has slightly more coverage than the Hera CC cream, but both have equal glow. Hera smells better than this (but this doesn’t stick, it’s just that the Hera one has a stronger and more fragrant scent).

      • Yup. Same sentiments about the coverage. I did notice that the onl last longer on me. I’m also starting with the Hera pre pefection serum to see if the results will entice me enough to switch to korean skincare 🙂

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