Review: Elite Paris Intense Kajal Smoky Effect Kohl

Holy moly mother of hazes. I know it’s really cliched to start my blog post with something related to the weather, but hey, don’t all socially-awkward situations start with it anyway? heh.

Anyhoos, the weather’s been going bonkers in Singapore lately – I’ve probably inhaled so much PM2.5 that my lungs are covered with black soot / dirt by now. Sigh. So much for being so proud of the fact that I’ve never smoked a single cigarette in my life.

Since my body isn’t in its best state at the moment, it’s time to pile on the makeup – you know, to make myself seem more human-like in case I get chopped by someone who thinks the haze is an impending zombie apocalypse. Here’s something I received some time back (I first saw the products at the Watsons Beauty Day out).

Elite Kohl (5

Elite Kohl

Elite Kohl (1)Elite Paris Intense Kajal in Dramatic Black

Elite Kohl (2)

Elite Kohl (3)

Elite Kohl (4)

I say…

This is more of a shadow than an eyeliner.

  • It functions the same way as a lipstick – a twist-out cone-shaped kajal.
  • My lids are usually oily, and most liners don’t stay long, but this one slips away almost as quickly as someone pretending to fall asleep on the MRT.
  • I prefer to use it by smudging it out. As you can see, it gives a lovely grey shade – note, not black.
  • It also glides on easily and smudges out smoothly and doesn’t pull my skin.
  • Don’t over-layer it cos it’ll just look like you got punched trying to snatch a seat on the train during peak hour.
  • It stays on an average of 3-4 hours? Not sure if it’s cos of my oillids though.
  • To lengthen the staying power, use a primer or dust on some eyeshadow.

In general, it’s a pretty simple product –  an eyeshadow in the kohl stick form that’s easy to use. A little iffy for touching up in public cos I don’t like to use my hands on my face outdoors.  Available at Watsons.


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