Review: Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

It’s Monday – M M M M for Missha tooooo. I finally managed to get some time to take some decent photos yesterday, despite me being swarthed in a film of my own perspiration the whole day (damn you, Indonesian forest-burners).

Now this Missha product befuddles me – I can’t quite figure out if it’s a BB cream or a CC cream – it seems to be marketed as a CC cream with BB cream coverage though (since most CC creams I’ve tried so far are slightly low on coverage). In any case, it’s a pretty decent product which I’m liking 😀

Missha BB CC creamMissha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream (which can be shortened to CC BB cream?!)

Missha BB CC cream (1)Beautiful gold embossed casing

Missha BB CC cream (2)

Missha BB CC cream colours

There are actually two version of this product:

(The white tub) Missha Signature White Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream– dispenses as a white product, but then changes to beige. For sheer skin-enhancing coverage.

(The black tub) Missha Signature Beige Flawless Complexion Coordinating BB Cream – dispenses as beige. For blemish, imperfection coverage.

Missha BB CC cream colours 3

Their marketing/advertising spiel is – Two Complexion Coordinating Systems:
1) Inner Complexion Coordinating System

  1. Firm Skin – Peptides & Adenosine help increase skin resilience
  2. Whiten Skin – 3 whitening complex system:
    1. Giga White
    2. Pomegranate extract
    3. Arbutin
  3. Moisturising – Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water
  4. Soothing – Phytoncide & Cactus extract

2) External Complexion Coordinating System

  1. Correct Skin Tone – with light adjusting pigments and beige pigments
  2. Correct Flaws – Skin wrapping powder to give adaptation of the product to the skin, leaving a flawless finish
  3. Even Skin Texture  – Light scattering powder to reflect light off skin, giving an even finish to the skin

Missha BB CC cream (3)A relatively unique delivery system – just twist the top in the direction of the arrow, and the product gets gently pushed upwards, kinda like a volcano spewing lava in a less angry mantter.

Missha BB CC cream (4)Smoothhhhhh cream that blends in nicely

Missha BB CC cream (5)

Missha BB CC cream (6)Loving the effect so much that I’m putting an extra large photo for you. heh.

Missha BB CC cream (7)

Missha BB CC cream (8)Not using any loose powder to set it – how ees my monday face?

I say…

I’d initially wanted to buy this when I was there in April, and on the last day, I lost my mental battle of “But you already have so many BB / CC creams! Why would you want one more?!”. I’m glad I did. heh. (ok ok, semi justifying my excessive expenditure #onefaceonemillionproducts

  • It smells good – like the Perfect Signature BB cream.
  • It comes in a beautiful casing – to be honest, I nearly bought the white one cos it looked nicer, but then I decided to calm down (and slap some sense into myself).
  • The BB CC cream is so smooth and easy to spread and blend. ooh la la~!
  • It’s relatively lightweight – not the lightest but not the most icky either.
  • I actually thought the finish would be more dewy (since it was so smooth and rich), but the finish is actually more matte than dewy.
  • Since it has a more matte finish, I prefer applying it after using some moisturising cream.
  • It gives decent coverage – I had to put 2-3 coats to cover my horrid dark eye circles though. Otherwise, most of my blemishes are sufficiently covered up.
  • In fact, it gives me a nice bright rosy finish that’s relatively flawless (about 75-80% flawless).
  • It started disappearing (starting from the corners of the nose) after a decent 5-6 hours of usage (without loose powder to set) – I prefer not to use loose powders cos my face can get pretty oily and then all products just end up caking and oxidising to an oozy gross mess on my face.
  • One thing I don’t like is the delivery system though – yes it’s a unique one where you twist the top and the BB CC cream gets sort of ejected to the top (ala volcano style), but I can’t see how much I have left.
  • Also, I find that I have to twist it backward to retract the  BB CC cream – or else the next time I open the top, I’ll find that it’s spilling out. Such a waste of product tsk. I’m not sure if it’s because I accidentally twisted it when I was opening it, or if the weather’s so hot that the cream expanded and thus, literally, came out volcano style.

I can’t quite remember how much I got it for… it was relatively affordable, at KRW29,800. It’s worth a try – it’s one of my favourite CC creams to use at the moment (although to be fair, it’s not really a CC Cream. BB cream? argh so confusing).


6 thoughts on “Review: Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

  1. Is the colour very light? Wondering shall I buy it online but i can’t try on the colour. I’m now using Hera UV mist (intro by u as well lol) in C23. u looks so fair so I wonder will it works for my complexion =)

  2. Hi hi, would appreciate if u can advise between Missha CC BB cream, Innisfree air skin fit BB & Hera CC cream pls? In terms of colour, staying power & whether matte / dewy? I’m combi. normal – dry, have light freckles & using Laneige BB in True beige 13… Thanks!

    • Hi Sylvia,
      it’s a bit tough for me to do the comparison at the moment cos I’m really busy. I’ll try to see if I can squeeze out the time to do it in a couple of weeks, but meanwhile you can try reading the individual reviews and checking the photos for a comparison? I usually try to take precise photos without any filters or editing so that my readers can judge better for themselves 🙂

  3. Hi Cheryl, no worries I understand u r busy. Maybe just brief me which is good when u hv time… Missha, IOPE or SU:M 37 CC cream, in terms of lasting, color & Skincare benefits. Thks thks!


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