Review: Maybelline Blush ‘Em! Powder Blush

With the amount of makeup I have, I sometimes want to set up a makeshift store at my company’s next D&D and do makeup for people. You know, just to play around with colours and maybe earn like $5 per person. haha. big plans I have for my life. tsk.

Tonight  I’ll be attending The Face Shop’s Top Girl finals – much excited simply cos I love The Face Shop (check out last year’s winner Natalie Pua), and also cos of my neverending love for Kim Hyun Joong and Suzy 😀 As such, I’m dolling up my face as usual, and during my rummage for makeup, I unearthed these.

Maybelline Blush Em

Maybelline Blush Em (1)Me trying to do some arty farty product styling.. not. haha

Maybelline Blush Em (2)Note: the numbers are not the original Maybelline numbers – I just numbered them randomly.

I stupidly forgot to list down what shades were what, and trying to match them to existing product pictures didn’t work, so will update again soon! Meanwhile, please bear with the 1, 2, 3, 4 numberings. 😦

This is a rough gauge of the colours that are available. Maybelline Blush Em colours

Maybelline Blush Em (3)

Maybelline Blush Em (4)1 is a normal pink shade, 2 is slightly orangey coral, 3 is anime pink and 4 has a hint more of cherry red tint.

I say…

Now as you know, if a product really excites me, I’ll blog about it instantaneously. However, this product is just a so-so. I mean, it’s not horrible but neither does it make me super excited either.

  • The powder grains are fine enough and don’t flake all over my dress.
  • The colours (depending on your skin tone) are decent too.
  • They come in a really convenient tiny package with a brush (would have preferred it if it had a mirror, but well, you can’t ask for the sky with just a peanut).
  • The lighter shade is supposed to work as a highlighter, but I honestly prefer to just mesh up the two and use it as one colour. What’s more, there’s only one brush, so if you use the darker shade before the lighter shade, your brush will be “tainted”.
  • The brush is also kinda tiny… and le me and le big cheeks no likey.

In general, this is a decent product – the kind you’d pick up if you really needed to touch up your makeup on the go and forgot to bring your own blusher out.

One thought on “Review: Maybelline Blush ‘Em! Powder Blush

  1. I bought this product on a whim and while it is pigmented enough and looks great on initial application, it doesn’t last 3 hours. Not a fan. I’m just using it all up before I look for another one.

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