Review: DHC Make Off Sheet

I’ve fallen into dire straits again… It’s the time of the month when every damn thing runs out, ie money,  shampoo, conditioner and every other essential thing I need to remain ridiculously gorgeous. sigh. Even my usual makeup remover sheets have run out – I’m usually on the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets. Thankfully, I’ve got a stash of products to fall back on, and after rummaging in my treasure chest (it is literally a chest, but a basket woven one hah), I’ve managed to unearth this.

DHC Makeup remover wipes

DHC Makeup remover wipes (1)Quite a large sheet –  even larger than my usual Biore wipes. I couldn’t do a comparison since I’d run out of them… sad face.

DHC Makeup remover wipes (2)A close-up of the texture – kinda coarser and rougher than the Biore wipes.

DHC Makeup remover wipes (3)The sheet is rather moist, so you can see miniscule droplets of moisture. Some cleansing sheets tend to be drier.

DHC Makeup remover wipes (4)A very very slight frothy foam after you wipe your skin

DHC Makeup remover wipes (5)And voila! A softer-looking skin texture after cleansing

I say…

Personally, I like DHC as a brand. It’s understated, but has good quality products. Unfortunately, this product isn’t one of those that I’d buy again.

  • Yes, the sheets are ridiculously large, and is sufficiently moist enough to remove the makeup on my face (assuming a double-sided usage, not including mascara removal – I use the Heroine Make Mascara remover for that ).
  • Yes they smell oh so fresh – kinda like aloe-cucumber.
  • Yes it also removes makeup relatively efficiently.
  • Yes it leaves my skin quite soft and smooth.
  • However, the texture is what really lets it down. I’m usually the first to admit that I’ve got thick skin (both figuratively and literally), but this one is like a cleanser/exfoliator sheet.
  • I know that I’ve got to press and hold the sheet (to dissolve the makeup first) and then wipe it, but dayum. it. is. rough. Not to the extent of sandpaper, but definitely coarser and rougher than the Biore Cleansing Oil wipes.
  • I can feeeeeeel my skin being exfoliated/scrubbed everytime I wipe this sheet over my skin. And that isn’t a good feeling.
  • The contrast is even greater cos I follow up with my Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam. Now it usually feels like a really smooth cleanser, but if I use it after the DHC wipes, it’s kinda like a salve on slightly over-scrubbed skin.
  • I ended up using this for a week and then I gave it to my mom. Even she says that it feels coarse, but she doesn’t mind bringing it along for her travels.

If you don’t mind a slightly coarser-than-usual texture, you can try this out. Meanwhile, I’m gonna dig out the gold coins from my piggy bank to go re-purchase my Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes. heh.


2 thoughts on “Review: DHC Make Off Sheet

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but haven’t commented before 🙂 However seeing your post on cleansing tissues I really REALLY want to recommend the It’s Skin RealReal Orange Cleansing Tissue. The sheets are pretty large and super soft and remove my daily light makeup really well – plus they’re really inexpensive too! Absolutely worth a try!

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