Review: Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint

This Monday is even blacker than usual, cos I had 2 hours of sleep only. Well, I asked for it, sooooo instead of bitching about it and whining like a spoilt brat, I have decided to do something about it – apply more makeup. hurhurhur.

Aritaum Lip Stain

Aritaum Lip Stain (1)

Wannabe Cushion Lip Concealer and Cushion Tint

Aritaum Wannabe cushion tintMine is Shade no. 4 – Janet.

Aritaum Lip Stain (8

No 1: Olivia, No. 2: Averil, No. 3: Blondie, No. 4: Janet, No.5 : Adela

No. 6: Natalie, No. 7: Nikita, No. 8: Summer, No. 9: Yoni, No. 10: Leslie

(disclaimer: these are all literal translations, not sure if they are the actual names. think I have about 80% correct. Konglish is a bit tougher to translate)

Aritaum Lip Stain (3)

Aritaum Lip Stain (4)The sponge tip used for smudging the tint – way more hygienic than using my fingers

Aritaum Lip Stain (5)a

Aritaum Lip Stain (7)

Aritaum Lip Stain (8)Monday blues very clearly displayed on my face lol.  P.S. Not sure if the puffiness was due to the lack of sleep, or the “ulzzang makeup technique” I picked up from Saturday’s workshop. Note that I put the words “makeup technique” – I don’t think it was much of a technique -cat claws out- Will blog more about it later!

I say…

When I first received this as a present, I was like “dafug is this tiny slim thing? doesn’t seem like it can perform!” Boy, was I wrong.

  • The colour is sooo rich and intense.
  • Thankfully, it feels super lightweight that you can barely feel it.
  • Surprisingly, it stays put the wholeeee day. I’m not kidding. The colour intensity will drop slightly, but you will still have rosy cherry pink lips at 10pm. Even when I peel my dry chapped lips, the flakes are red. lolol.
  • It smells awesome – not sure how to describe it, but it smells really fragrant.
  • It’s a tint so don’t expect any gloss or shimmer.
  • The good thing is somehow it doesn’t seem to highlight my chapped lips that much.
  • The sponge tip is great for recreating the just-bitten lips look, but I tried it and somehow I look like I’m about to bite someone instead – kinda vampirish. hurhur. So I prefer to just go the full length –  red red red! Kinda like Girls’ Day Out’s new look in Expect 기대해.

I carry this with me everywhere – it brightens up my look instantly and is super easy to apply. If I’m in the mood, I’ll top it with some lip gloss for the gradiation lip look 😀  Smoochie coochiessss.


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