Review: Belif Herb Cleansing Water

Everyday, the moment I step into my house, I have a certain routine I must go through :  1) wash my feet and 2) wash and cleanse my face. Yes yes I can be really pedantic. Yet my dad somehow has this strangest 6th sense – no matter what time of the day I come home, he always happens to be in the toilet. I’m pretty sure he’s bugged me somehow.

I can always wash my feet in the other toilet, but all my cleansing stuff are in the toilet that my dad uses, so yes, I’m pretty much stuck. During that few minutes, my angst level rises to Mount Doom levels, simply cos I can feel the oil and sweat on my face clogging up my pores.

These days, I’ve found a temporary solution – cleansing water that I leave in my room.

Belif Herb Cleansing WaterBelif Herb Cleansing Water

Belif Herb Cleansing Water (1)

Belif Herb Cleansing Water (2)Immediately after application

Belif Herb Cleansing Water (3)After usage – a slight film over the skin

I say…

  • The product is what the name says – cleansing water (100% liquid and 0% gel / cream / what-nots).
  • Just soak a cotton pad with it, swipe it across your face and watch all the makeup and dirt come away on the pad.
  • It’s a flip-top with a small hole to dispense the liquid, which surprisingly doesn’t flow out. Instead, you can squeeze the bottle slightly and an appropriate amount will come out.
  • I usually use 2 cotton pads to remove most of the makeup on my face, including the eye area.
  • BB cream and blusher come off easily with 2 swipes. However,  because of the potential sting (if it gets into your eyes) I prefer to use my usual Biore makeup remover wipes to remove eye makeup.
  • It leaves a slightly minty cooling sensation after usage – I think it’s cos of the eucalyptus content.
  • After usage, there’s an almost-negligible film over my skin which isn’t sticky nor greasy. It’s a non-rinse cleanser, which is really convenient. But if you want, iIt can be easily rinsed off with water (and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth). If you’re really pedantic  like me, you can use the facial cleanser after for a more thorough cleanse.

In general, this is a convenient item to have around for facial cleansing, especially for days when you’ve had a late night. More product information here.


2 thoughts on “Review: Belif Herb Cleansing Water

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