Review: Missha Skin Tightening Auto Massager

Every girl needs a vibrator… a vibrating massager I mean. I first saw something like this at Tony Moly. It was a cream + vibrating massager kit (see picture below) that I didn’t want to buy cos I had too many creams. But they just didn’t sell the massager separately.

tony moly

And so I forlornly wandered the streets of Myeongdong, struck by the horrifying thought that I’d really have to buy the whole set just to get the massager, or risk getting carpal tunnel with countless pattings on my face. But then voila! I chanced upon this massager at Missha, hidden in a little corner and tagged at an affordable KRW18,000.

Missha Skin Tightening MassagerMissha Skin Tightening Auto Massager – KRW18,000

Missha Skin Tightening Massager (1)

Missha Skin Tightening Massager instructions

Missha Skin Tightening Massager (2)

Missha Skin Tightening Massager (3)Fits right in the palm of your hand – note that there’s NO switch. Instead, it works on the concept of completing an electrical circuit. As long as your hands/fingers touch the metal portion on the handle, and the head is touching your skin, the electrical circuit is completed and it starts vibrating. I foolishly thought the bottom was the switch (at the Missha store) and tried to twist it open. heh.

Missha Skin Tightening Massager (4)

I say…

  • It’s even more convenient than the chunkier and fatter massager from Tony Moly (pictured about. There’s a similar slim one from Tony Moly as well but I can’t seem to find the picture of it).
  • It fits right in the palm of my hand.
  • As mentioned before, there’s no On-Off switch, so don’t be a cockanathan and try to twist the bottom – the batteries will just fall straight out.
  • It runs on normal batteries ( AAA x 1 or 2).
  • It comes with a small red LED light that’s supposed to stimulate the skin cells when combined with the vibrating sensation.
  • The vibrating movements are subtle enough, kinda like zzzzzzzt on the skin. Not violent enough to pull your skin, but not mild to the extent that you can’t feel it.
  • I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen a visible difference on my face. My skin does feel better (as in the sensation), but I am unable to comment on whether my skin is now firmer.
  • However, I have tried it on the rest of my hawt hawt bodeh (I applied my Hera S-line gel to the hips and then used this massager to run it all over the hips). My skin felt warmer (you know the type of sensation you get when a product is working efficiently, kinda like the fats are burning?).
  • Naturally, it’s more tedious to use this on the body since it’s so small, and my arse is so huge. I just usually let my programmes run and stand there and run this over my body.
  • Remember to let your creams be absorbed into your skin before using this massager, or else the cream will seep into the gaps at the LED light. I usually clean it out using snipped corners of papers and gouge out the remnant cream.

I now have two of these – 1 for my face and 1 for my bodeh – and hey, it doesn’t seem to be that bad. It’s also fun (well, at least fun for me).


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