Review: Nature Republic Collagen Lash Dual Ampoule

Long long ago, when I first visited Hong Kong (prolly in 2007), I discovered the awesomeness of DHC’s eyelash tonic and applied it religiously every night and day. It made my lashes long and lush.

Alas, like some marriages, things became bland and I slowly drifted apart from eyelash tonics / serums. It’s not really a 7-year itch, but a 6-year itch I suppose? I’ve recently begun to care about my lashes again. I dug out my Foltene lash serum (which I’ve heard rave reviews about) and applied it for the last 2 weeks, only to release that HOLYCRAP IT HAD EXPIRED. No wonder my eyelashes were clumped up every morning, as though my soft toys had spat on me during the night for hugging them too tightly. heh.

This is what I’m using these days – I’m so glad that my lashes haven’t all dropped off. phew.

Nature Republic Collagen Lash Dual AmpouleNature Republic Collagen Lash Dual Ampoule – KRW9,900

Nature Republic Collagen Lash Dual Ampoule (1)

Nature Republic Collagen Lash Dual Ampoule (2)To be applied during the day – the 2-in-1 Smart Brush. For once, I agree with their marketing tactics – this is indeed smart.

Nature Republic Collagen Lash Dual Ampoule (3)For night application – The Tok Tok Brush (a flat tipped soft sponge applicator)

I say…

Finally! An eyelash serum with applicators that don’t poke my eyes out. I loveeee the applicators.

  • The day 2-in-1 Smart Brush has soft bristles, and a cute round ball-ball tip that helps to apply at the inner corners.
  • There’s also a slight curvature in the brush applicator so that it fits the contours of your eyes.
  • Just 1-2 strokes are enough to cover your lashes and prep them for mascara wear. I am usually too lazy to wear mascara in the day, so I find that it actually lengthens my lashes slightly.
  • The night brush – Tok Tok Brush – is basically a flat-tipped soft sponge applicator.
  • It’s simple to apply and doesn’t poke my eyes like a cactus.
  • In fact, I think one of the reasons I deviated away from eyelash serums was cos: a) they poked my eyes out (and thus required more effort and precision to apply), 2) they stung like a @#$W#%@!! when they got into my eyes.
  • With these, I find it less of a hassle to apply – it’s just swiping and I’m done.
  • In terms of lash lengthening, I do see perhaps a 1-3mm increment? They do look healthier and glossier though 😀
  • The lash serums (I’m using plural because I’m assuming the Day and Night ones differ) don’t stink nor sting, but don’t you go flooding your eyes with the serums now – cue African-American lady in da hood hand-on-the-hip pose-

Overall, not a bad lash serum, especially for the beginners who don’t have steady hands. This will minimise eyeball accidents and help your lashes grow (slightly).


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