Review: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream – Silky

I’m really grateful for a good friend I have – not only is she a good person, she’s also my equivalent of the Evil Queen’s talking mirror from Snow White.  Except that my “mirror” has design training background, so whenever I apply my truckloads of makeup and ask her “How’s it?”, she’ll go into very detailed explanations about how “it’s a shade of grey” and the “texture is not fine, your previous BB had a more airbrushed finish, it has a tinge of yellow and doesn’t match with your natural pink skintone” etc. This is wayyyy better than “ok, nice”.

I’ve been harassing her for a couple of weeks whilst I alternated between my numerous CC creams – I bet she wants to punch me now. haha.

Etude House Silky CC CreamEtude House Correct & Care CC Cream – Silky (there’s another version which is the Glow version)

Etude House Silky CC Cream types

The Glow version gives a more dewy finish – a bit too dewy in my opinion, which is why I bought the Silky one.

Etude House Silky CC Cream (1)

Etude House Silky CC Cream (2)Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream (Silky) – KRW14,000

Etude House Silky CC Cream (3)Similar to the Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC cream – it’s a stark white cream

Etude House Silky CC Cream (4)Can you see the micro-capsules? It’s even more visible and can be felt more obviously than Holika Holika’s CC cream

Etude House Silky CC Cream (5)Applying and blending it into my skin – the colour changes from white to pink-beige

Etude House Silky CC Cream (6)

Etude House Silky CC Cream (7)A natural finish that doesn’t cover much of my blemishes

Etude House Silky CC Cream (8)A pinkish-whitish finish under natural sunlight – note the difference between my face and my neck.

Etude House Silky CC Cream (9)Under indoors lighting – the left side one is how I look when I forget to switch off the monitor before taking a selca.

Etude House Silky CC Cream (10)A close-up – you can see that the finishing is more matte than silky.

I say…

I first chanced upon this product when I was stewing in my chair for hours whilst doing my hair at some Korean hair salon. The magazines did such a great job recommending it (along with a DPS full page spread) that I absolutely had to buy it. Yes, it’s that easy to earn my money. heh.

  • The texture is slightly more liquid than Holika Holika’s CC cream, and spreads easily.
  • The micro colour-changing capsules are also more grainy and slightly more coarse than Holika’s. In fact, if it wasn’t for the box description, I wouldn’t have known that there were supposed to be micro-capsules. However, this one isn’t coarse to the point that it scratches your skin; it’s just obvious to the touch.
  • The blending requires more effort than Holika –  somehow, the overall effect isn’t as good as Holika. It gives a more whitish finish than a natural finish.
  • There’s not much silky finish though – it’s quite a matte finish that’s relatively unKorean.
  • The coverage isn’t strong too – you can so clearly see my dark eye circles. heh. In fact, I had to dispense 2-3 pumps of this CC cream to cover my blemishes vs Holika Holika, where I only used 1-1.5 pumps.
  • It does stay relatively long, about 4 hours, but the coverage is so little that it doesn’t really matter that it stays – my talking mirror was like “Why so many spots on your face”?  MEH! 😦

Overall, it’s not a bad CC cream but it isn’t the best either. It’s affordable though, so if you’ve got good skin without much to conceal, you can try this one. I’m either gonna wear this to my neighbourhood McDonald’s, or sell it off. Any takers? Check out my For Sale page XD


14 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream – Silky

  1. have not tried any CC cream before but I heard that Korean CC cream is supposed to act as a primer/makeup base which you can put on BB cream after that thus it has only a slight coverage 🙂

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    • Hey Nona,

      yes yes, I love my talking mirror, even though at times she skips the “good morning” and goes straight to “how many hours did you sleep? why is your face so swollen?” -.-”

      please continue to come back 😀 If you’re located in Singapore, I’ve got something good upcoming – I’m doing an exclusive collaboration and giving away free tickets to an Ulzzang 얼짱 workshop where you can learn how to do those Korean dewy big-eyed fresh face looks (no hidden T&Cs except to answer a realllllly simple question). I should be uploading it today, so keep checking back! 😀

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  5. Nice review! I am from Australia and have just recently found your blog and I must say I really enjoy what you post! 🙂
    Have you tried any other CC Cream yet? If so what do you recommend?

    • Hi Raheema,

      Thanks for popping by! Actually I’ve tried a lot of CC creams before – you can click on the categories on the right-hand side of this blog to see all the CC creams I’ve tried 🙂

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