Review: Hera Lune Smoky Spangle Eyeliner

Like a squirrel on drugs, I’ve been carefully hoarding this piece for a special occasion. Why? Cos it’s so pretty that it may enhance my beauty to epic Greek goddess proportions and destroy all Earth as we know it. I kid, I kid.

But it is true that this eyeliner is really, really pretty. In fact, I’ll skip my usual verbal diarrhea and get straight to the product photo porn instead, and you’ll see what I mean  😀

Hera Lune Smoky Spangle EyelinerHera Lune Smoky Spangle Eyeliner in 01 Prisma Black – KRW28,000

Hera Lune Smoky Spangle Eyeliner (1)A soft felt tip for non-abrasive and precise application

Hera Lune Smoky Spangle Eyeliner (2)ZOMG look at how pretty the sparkly bits are!

Hera Lune Smoky Spangle Eyeliner (3)

I say…

From all my gushing, you should have figured out that I love this product by now. Of course, I am also unabashedly biased towards Hera cos of its brand ambassador Shin Min Ah 😀

  • The felt applicator tip is gentle and doesn’t feel rough against the eyelids.
  • It also has a pointed tip so you can draw fine lines / thick ones as and when needed – just apply more pressure.  In fact, the tip is fine enough to draw the lower lash line.
  • You’ll have to shake the eyeliner a bit before application, presumably to mix up the sparkly bits properly.
  • It may look vaguely grey (the single stroke application), but it’s actually more black in real life.
  • It also comes in another colour – 02 Prisma Navy.
  • The shimmers and sparkly bits are ridiculously pretty – from what I can see, it’s a combination of green, blue, pink and silver sparkles, which gives it a multi-faceted finish like a black diamond. SO PRETTTYYYY.
  • The sad thing is that it’s not waterproof – what’s with Korean products and their non-waterproofing?
  • The good thing is that once you get it wet, it doesn’t smudge and drip and slop all over your eyes. It simply gets removed very cleanly without any residue.
  • It lasts relatively long on my oillids (about 4 hours before the intensity of the black and shimmers start fading), so I’m pretty pleased about that.

It is slightly pricey though – at KRW28,000 (SGD31), I could have bought 2.5 eyeliners at the more affordable shops (ie Etude House, The Face Shop etc). BUT do you not see the pretty sparkles?! In fact, I haven’t had an enounter of the sparkly kind in a very long time. All it took was a couple of strokes on the back of my hand by the sales assistant, and out came my monehhhhh.


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