Review: Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam

After coming back with more than 20kg in shopping from Korea, I now have to clear my room to make space. Yes, I know I asked for it, but a leopard never changes its spots. Similarly, I’ll never change my highlighting craze. Here’s one lil fella that I bought last year but  forgot to review – the Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam will now take the spotlight 😀

crystal beamAvailable in two shades – Pink Beam and Gold Beam. I’d recommend Pink Beam for the fairer-skinned and Gold Beam for the sun-kissed goddesses.

Tony Moly Pink BeamTony Moly Crystal Light in Pink Beam shade – KRW7,600

Tony Moly Pink Beam (1)A flat applicator tip

Tony Moly Pink Beam (2)

Tony Moly Pink Beam (3)From L-R: At first you see it… and then you don’t!

Tony Moly Pink Beam (4)A very subtle shimmery pearl pink highlight

I say…

Now I usually avoid liquid highlighters cos of my oily / dry combination face – if you check out my history of reviewed highlighters, they’re all either stick or powder types – all solid forms. So why did I buy this?

  • It’s cheap  – yes I cannot deny that price was a factor in me purchasing this. At just KRW7,800, it’s only SGD8.61. HOW CHEAP?!
  • Of course, that isn’t the only factor – it’s a beautiful shade of pearl pink that can be used on the T-zone and the C-zone.
  • The texture is smooth, but the intensity of the pearly shimmers is strong enough so that you don’t have to apply many layers. Just a tiny droplet of it is enough for the T-zone.
  • It’s not horrendously sparkly and OTT – as you can see from my swatches, it starts out super bright but blends nicely into the skin.
  • Somehow, it also doesn’t oxidise that quickly despite being placed upon the oilfield of my nose.
  • Plus, it does what a highlighter should do – make me look like a Kpop star with a sharp nose that looks like it’s been plastic surgeried. 😀

Overall, I’d say this is worth a try. Go  buy it nao~


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