Fight Animal Cruelty with your pet

I don’t have a pet, and I usually wished that I had one just for cuddle and playtime purposes. But now that The Body Shop has this new imitative, I really, really wish that I had a pet. I’ll just have to overturn The Communist Party of The Mother, that’s all.


After the monumental EU ban on animal tested cosmetics that officially took effect on 11 March, The Body Shop is now  petitioning for a Global Ban on Animal Testing on cosmetic products. In conjunction with that, they have launched a Facebook app named Fight Animal Cruelty with Your Pet!

How can I join this cause?

Sign the petition and also submit a photo of your pet (with or w/o you) to show you’re both Against Animal Testing. It’s time to do pet-whoring – show off your pet in all his or her glory: best angle, cutest outfit or funniest face. If your photo has the highest number of votes, you’ll win a Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis worth more than $100! Submit your pet’s picture here:

What if I don’t own a pet?

For those who do not own a pet but still want to be part of this, simply vote for the submitted entries and you could be 1 of the 5 winners to walk away with a Limited Edition White Musk Libertine EDT by Leona Lewis worth $28.90.

Are there any more goodies in store for me?

The first 100 entries will also receive 6 cans of Dog/Cat Canned Food from Pet Addictions.

For more information please refer to The Body Shop’s Facebook page. Support The Body Shop to help them achieve a global ban on animal-tested cosmetics!


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