Travel: Dinner at Myeongdong Yogane

Waiting for dinner to be cooked.. Nom nom nom. Now this is one of the more popular places in Myeongdong, and it’s also a safe place to eat at. I’m not saying you’ll be mugged – it’s safe cos the menus are in english, there’s pictures, and you can’t really go wrong with fried/grilled spicy chicken. In Korean, it’s called Dak Galbi (Dak means Chicken in Korea, I kid you not. Go google translate this word 닭 )

20130411-210539.jpgThis is what it first looks like when it comes – a mish-mesh of ingredients.

20130411-210627.jpgThe staff will fry it for you on the spot – you can choose to add rice, ramen, udon etc. If you don’t, the basic dish is still sufficient enough to fill your bellies – it has chunks of meat, rice cakes, potato slices, veggies.

20130411-210652.jpgAnd voila! The finished dish – does it not look super yums to you?


4 thoughts on “Travel: Dinner at Myeongdong Yogane

    • The name is called Yoogane (pronounced yoo-gah-neh). They have many branches all over seoul – there are outlets in Myeongdong, Sinchon, Ewha Women’s University, and Hongdae 🙂

      • Thanks for your quick reply!! Appreciate it! Any tips for me? lol going 22-28 Dec…heard will be v cold, so I quite worry too. How many layers u wear for winter there?

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