Review: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny) – A-7

As much as I love attending events and pretending that I’m an important person, sometimes it can get a little tiresome – having to put on my face requires a high level of concentration. With the recent heatwave, it’s kinda hard to do so, especially with wet pits and sweat dripping down the fat folds of my tummy despite me having just showered 5 minutes ago.

Rather than risk having black blotched eyeshadows, I’ve decided to go for a softer look these days. Instead of my favourite black Laneige Natural Eyeliner, I’m now using the Majolica Majorca brown pencil liner. I’m also going for softer eye colours, like this palette from Esprique.

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Shiny

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Shiny (1)



Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Shiny (2)

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Shiny (3)

I say…

I like Esprique products in general. They’re underrated, affordable and perform decently. A great example is the Melty Fix Cheek Stick which I’m using up till today 😀

  • The packaging is pretty, although its glossy surface may be somewhat of a fingerprint magnet.
  • It comes with various types of eyeshadow applicators, so it’s easy to touch up or even apply makeup on the go.
  • The colours are relatively finely grained and there’s not a lot of fall off.
  • The colours are also intense – but not superbly intense – to get the colours in the swatches above, I had to apply several layers.
  • But then again, this is meant to achieve a “shiny” aka glossy and sparkly look, so I’m alright with the lack of intensity.
  • A is a sparkly overlay shadow, B is the base pearly sheen, C is a medium pink colour (which I usually avoid for fear of looking like I got punched), and D is a surprising maroon shade with a tinge of dark brown. I was totally expecting a dark purple just by looking at the palette though.
  • They all come with sparkly shimmers, making this suitable for night and day wear.

Overall, not a bad palette, and comes in a wide range of colours as well. Check out their website for more details.


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