Review: The Face Shop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion

Besides my love for rubbing (eye) balls, I also like to poke stuff. I’m pretty sure I must have some additional y gene in my body – not a Y cos then I’d be full-on man, but a small y.. somewhere…

Besides poking and bursting bubble wrap, I like to use my fingers to prod men’s biceps too. Don’t ask me why – I just find it fun, and a very good gauge of how (un)fit the dude is. heh.

The moment I received this product, what was the first thing I did? You guessed it – prodddddddddd and pokeeeeeee away.

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushionOk fine, technically the first thing I did was to open the box.

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (1)The Face Shop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (2)

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (3)Look at deeeees. There is no way you can’t not prod it.

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (4)The strange thing with all BB cushions.. the initial swatches on my hands never ever match my skin colour…

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (5)… yet after blending it, it vanishes. woahhhh.

TFS Natural Sun Smart cushion (6)Voila! Magic BB Cushion makes my shit skin look better 😀

I say…

I actually love this product.

  • The packaging is simple and idiot-proof – just open, use the sponge, pick up some product and apply.  Just make sure to cap it tightly to ensure that the product doesn’t evaporate.
  • This product basically works on the same theory as your post office water sponge for stamps – the sponge is soaked with BB essence. It’s also the same as Laneige’s Snow BB Soothing Cushion, Hera’s UV Mist Cushion and IOPE’s Air Cushion Sunblock Cover-EX.
  • There’s a mild fragrance to it – unoffensive and not overpowering.
  • The coverage – well, as you can see, the coverage is pretty decent. It’s not the kind you’d wear for a night out as a drag queen though, cos it’s quite lightweight, but it’s totally perfect for daytime wear since it doesn’t feel that heavy and has super damn bloody high SPF of 50+ PA+++.
  • It even manages to cover some of my dark eye circles, so here’s a grudging nod of approval -nod-.
  • It leaves a slight cooling sensation – not sure if it’s cos of the cooling technology, or because in general, watery liquids feel cooler once you apply it onto your skin.
  • It is quickly absorbed and has a slight dewy finish that’s typical of Korean foundations/BBs. However, it dries into a slightlyyyyy powdery matte finish.
  • It doesn’t last very long though, cos it’s so lightweight. After about 6 hours, it had more or less oxidised or vanished. It might be cos of my shit-oil-face though, so if you’ve got a less Dubai-worthy skin and have tried it, lemme know 😀

Overall, I’d recommend that you try this out. I love this easy-to-use types of packaging, and it’s great for touching up on the go. Geddittttt.


12 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion

    • You’re welcome! 😀 you should totally try it out – I love all these “cushion” technologies cos they’re lightweight and still give relatively decent coverage~

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  2. Hihi, Luv ur reviews on the products which you have tried and tested! Very honest opinions!

    Based on the so many types of cushion Bb/sunblock which you have tried so far, how would you rank them? Iope sunblock is still the top of your list? Coz I’m going to Korea soon and would like to invest in one of these cushion bb/CC/sunblock 🙂 but am nt sure which is by far the best? Does those with SPF50 makes the skin more oily?

    • Hey Paulyn,

      From what I know, SPF levels don’t affect the oil levels.

      I’ve also asked a good friend Larry Yeo, who’s a really popular and good makeup artist with some biochemistry (or some scientific background), and he’s said that its all dependent on the product formulation and your personal hormones.

      I’m currently trying out a couple more BB cushions that I just bought in Korea, including the XP version of the IOPE cushion. When are you heading to Korea? I’ll try to get my review out by then 🙂

      • Hi Dilja! thanks so much for your prompt response! Lol I’m flying off this Sat 25th May! So excited!
        Oh and I just saw your post on the comparison between Hera UV Mist Cushion, Laneige Bb cushion and Iope Sunblock Ex 😉 and based on your review most probably I’m getting the Hera UV mist? But of coz will have a price comparison too.
        Hopefully you have the time to do a review before I fly off! Keke
        Oh btw, any good Korean brand anti-aging eye serum/gel/cream to recommend? Thanks a million

      • Hey Paulyn,

        Based on my goldfish memory, Hera UV Mist cushion is about KRW55,000, IOPE is about KRW35,000-40,000 and the IOPE XP version is about the same. I’ve never bought a Laneige BB Cushion (well, not for myself anyway. I think I should have helped some friends to buy it at some point in time), so I can’t quite recall the price. All these three come with an extra refill. The Face Shop isn’t that bad as well. I’ve heard that Espoir has a new cushion as well but I didn’t buy it. I also bought the Holika Holika CC / BB cushion (i can’t remember anymore, I have wayyyy too many).

        If your skin is dry (or combination), I’d suggest not going for Hera cos it has clay ingredients, which will clog up your pores. Laneige and IOPE are most moist.

        I know I did rate Hera as my top choice back then, but now that I’m trying the IOPE XP version, I like it a lot too! You can consider getting it instead – my Korean friend who’s a makeup artist recommended that I buy it cos he says it’s good.

        If you’ve got the dough, splurge on the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Eye Cream (think it’s about SGD300+). It’s really good.If that’s too expensive, try the Hydroaid range (not the Basic one, cos it’s a little rich). Belif has a First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask that’s quite good as well. I also like Hera alot. I bought this product ( but I’ve yet to try it. At the counter when I tested it, I liked it cos it had the roller for helping with the puffiness, and also the texture which was lightweight and quickly absorbed. 😀

      • Hi Dalja,
        Yeah I have dehydrated combi skin ‘under’ and abit oily on the outside! Okie will get IOPE XP version to try instead and mayb FaceShop CC cream! Lol $300 for an eye cream is too steep for me splurge on, will check out the Hera eye cream u recommend when I’m there, I’m also looking at OHUI age recovery cell rap eye cream which also seems gd coz they also have this metal thingy to massage the eyes lol.
        Btw, my fren’s fren recommended a kind of ‘application Botox’ fm lady & skin which is some kind of cell repairing cream, perhaps u can give it a try nx time and do a review if it is really that good? Heard its bout Sgd300 and I may splurge on that instead! Keep you posted again when I’m back! Thanks so much once again for sharing 😉 Fighting!

      • Hey Paulyn,

        I think you’ll be quite spoilt for choices for CC creams when you’re there – I actually like the Holika Holika and Hera ones a lot.

        I like O Hui too, but check out a few other eye creams before you buy? If the metal eye massager thing is enticing you, you can buy it from Missha at KRW18,000. It’s more or less the same thing 😀

        I’ll check out the application botox thing when I’m there – heading there in July again hehehe. Have fun and share your shopping haul when you’re back! 😀

        Oh and if you’re back in Singapore by June 1, I’ve got something good upcoming – I’m doing an exclusive collaboration and giving away free tickets to an Ulzzang 얼짱 workshop where you can learn how to do those Korean dewy big-eyed fresh face looks (no hidden T&Cs except to answer a realllllly simple question). I should be uploading it today, so keep checking back (or check when you’re in Korea – a lot of their cafes have free Wi-fi so you can mooch there lol).

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  5. Hello!

    How would you rate the coverage of this? I’m looking for something more sheer and natural. I have the Laneige BB Pore Control, how does the coverage compare to it? 🙂

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