Review: IOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter

Weekends are the equivalent of one-night stands – you enjoy yourself during Saturdays and Sundays, stuffing your face and doing whatever pleases you without clock-watching. Come Monday and you feel like shit and go “oh gawd whyyyyyy did I eat so much?!”

This weekend, we held a surprise birthday party for my girlfriend by crashing her house. All 30 of us, including her relatives, had a potluck party. So you can imagine the amount of food there was – curry puffs, roast chicken, curry chicken, beehoon, egg tarts, kuehs, cupcakes, fried chicken, etc etc.

I tried to be healthy by volunteering to bring the salad with the awesome recipe provided by my cousin Ejube, this blog’s food blogger and food scientist by occupation. Check out his Thai food blog entry and cocktail blog entry if you haven’t already 😀


You’d think – how hard can salad be right? That’s the same thing I thought, but I forgot to factor in the large portions, which meant longer preparation time. I also forgot what a food nazi my cousin can be (but in a good way!) and he made me wipe dry each lettuce leaf with paper towels so that the dressing would stick better to the leaves. tediousssss.

But all the effort was probably offset by this.

pigOne of our pals decided to go all traditional chinese and ordered a suckling pig, with a tiara to boot.

Anyhoos, the gist of all my verbal diarrhea is that I now feel fat. And thus, commences the frantic efforts to try to do damage control. One method that I think works is applying this.

IOPE Body ClinicIOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter – KRW22,000 (bought on sale)

IOPE Body Clinic (3)

IOPE Body Clinic (1)A lightweight cloudy gel

IOPE Body Clinic (2)

I say…

I bought this sometime at the start of 2012 because it was on sale – I mean, it was KRW22,000, which is about SGD25ish? How cheap is that?! What’s more, it’s one huge-ass bottle.

  • The bottle has a pump system for easy dispensing.
  • It’s also got a nicely contoured body for firm gripping, stable placement (it doesn’t topple over that easily) and also possibly to subtly imprint onto your subconscious that you can have such a figure. Smart move, IOPE and Amore Pacific.
  • The gel is lightweight and slightly milky cloudy.
  • It’s relatively easily absorbed, after a few massages. If you leave it for a couple of minutes, it will not stick to your clothes.
  • It has a tingly cooling sensation with somewhat of a minty, clean scent. Perfect for application before bed time and also before going out.
  • To be honest, I haven’t really seen much of a difference before and after application – perhaps a 5% increased firmness in my flabby arse?  It didn’t cost a lot either, so I’m not fussed about it. Plus, it makes me feel so cool, cool like Sistar, so it sort of has a double usage.

I don’t hate this product, nor do I love it. I would finish using it though. Perhaps IOPE’s forte isn’t in body care since they’re strong in makeup and face skincare. I’d recommend other brands if you’re really firm in your war against cellulite, such as Clarins Body Shaping Cream and also the Clarin High Definition Body Lift (I have used about 3-4 tubes of this before I started this blog, and it was awesome!)


2 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter

  1. I think I will try this instead of Clarins, as sadly, I am somehow allergic to most facial and body products of Clarins. and this price for Iope is appealing too. LOL

    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that – but then again, my face is strangely allergic to Clarins’ V-line products, but not allergic to their body products. I’ve had pretty good results with IOPE so far – lurve the brand 😀

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