The EU bans animal-tested cosmetics!

I  don’t own any pets at the moment although I’d like to – my parents already go ballistic at me dropping hair – I can just imagine them duct taping the vacuum to their left arms and broom to the right arms if I get a pet that sheds fur.

However, I used to have cute pets – a dog and a parakeet that would steal my Ferrero Roche chocolates, which would irk and amuse me at the same time. Most animals are actually the cutest things, especially the fuzzy wuzzy ones.

animalsIsn’t it major awwwww-inducing?

So can people bear to do this to them?




Granted, without demand there wouldn’t be supply – and hence there wouldn’t be continued animal testing to create more products to supply to end-consumers like me.

But hey, it’s the 21st century. We don’t have flying cars yet, but we sure can make use of the technology that created talking phones to create products that don’t need to be tested on animals right?

I know that my blog is usually fun, frills, thrills and spills, but here’s a piece of hard-hitting news that I thought deserves to be shared.

As of 11 March 2013, the EU has banned the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics and animal testing.



Here’s a piece that I wrote for (but not sure if it’s been uploaded yet).

The EU bans sale of animal-tested cosmetics

The age-old adage is true – persistence and the belief in the right causes will pay off. After 20 years of campaigning, well-known advocate of cruelty-free products The Body Shop and animal rights activists finally have reason to celebrate. Starting from 11 March 2013, the EU has banned the sale of animal-tested cosmetics and animal testing.

“Today’s entry into force of the full marketing ban gives an important signal on the value that Europe attaches to animal welfare… This is a great opportunity for Europe to set an example of responsible innovation in cosmetics without any compromise on consumer safety,” said Tonio Borg, European Commissioner in charge of Health and Consumer Policy in an Europa.Eu press release.

With this ban, the EU sends out a strong worldwide message. New cosmetic products manufactured outside the EU containing ingredients that were tested on animals can still be sold in Europe, but only if producers are able to document their safety to EU regulators without using data gathered through animal tests, said EU health official Sabine Lecrenier.

As the first beauty company to take action on animal testing for cosmetics in 1993, The Body Shop now needs your pledge and your voice to garner more pledges to push for a global ban. At the moment, neither the US or Asian markets have such a ban in place.

If Body Shop Singapore manages to gather its targeted 10,000 pledges, the staff at The Body Shop will volunteer to clean up an animal shelter. You can pledge either at any The Body Shop store, or at


Various celebrities and personalities have already shown their support for cruelty-free beauty. Check out this YouTube video: (will try to embed it once I get home to an Internet connection that isn’t blocked by the company. Roar!)

Here’s to happier bunnies, doggies and kitties worldwide.


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