Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Brow Brow Pencil

Just when I thought I could morph back into a sleeping monster since Romeo has gone back, I couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to my kaki (local slang for partner-in-crime) and my various other writing gigs, I’ve got a slew of events lined up for this week, including a free screening of Warm Bodies tonight (hurhurhur, don’t judge me, you know you want to watch it as well, just to see how lame it can get) and a Maybelline parteh tomorrow night.

In commemoration of this, I have decided to blog about this Maybelline Eyestudio Master Brow Brow Pencil.

maybelline master brow (1)Maybelline Eye Studio Master Brow Brow Pencil

maybelline master brow (2)A non-descript lead tip with a slight grey tinge. Or is it mold / fungi?

maybelline master brow (5)A nice soft grey finish

maybelline master brow (4)Yes yes, the towel turban is oh-so-glamourous isn’t it? 😀

I say…

This is a surprisingly cheap and good item – kinda like your neighbourhood stall that still sells chicken rice for $2.50.

  • It comes in a simple and lightweight packaging- a twist-up slim cylinder that is pretty much idiot-proof.
  • No sharpening is required – the lead is slim enough to provide an accurate line (unless you want superrrrrr slim one-hairline brows)
  • It takes about 2-3 strokes to “warm up”, so warm it up on a tissue or on the back of your hand before applying to your brows.
  • You don’t need to put in too much pressure to get the line – just handle it softly like how you would handle tofu.
  • The colour is a natural grey, and almosttttt gives me the Korean brow shape I want.
  • This is comparable with the Ebony pencil that most Koreans use.

I don’t know the price, but I’m pretty sure it’s only about $10-15, since Maybelline is priced affordably and competitively. I’m considering getting the brown version 😀 Make sure you get this twist-up version – there’s another version under a very similar name that’s a sharpening pencil.


One thought on “Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Brow Brow Pencil

  1. im using this one and I really love this pencil eyebrow. So natural and i can get full shaped brow instantly *****

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