Review: The Saem Ardent Lady Advance Wide Pen Liner

The one good thing about having an obsession with eyeliners (if any) is that I seldom run into storage problems. I mean, they’re all slim and lightweight, so I just have to chuck them into a container and pretend they don’t exist. And then I go forth and buy more eyeliners like this one from Korea.


the saem ardent ladyA ridiculously cheap eyeliner – The Saem Ardent Lady Advance Wide Pen Liner for just KRW10,000 (SGD13)

the saem ardent lady (1)

Oh yeah, you can totally tell that I love stroking. or being stroked. i’m so stoked about being stroked. forgive me, I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, no thanks to the ginormous cockroach that invaded my bro’s room and we had to go all Sparta on it.

Now I haven’t bought much (in fact, less than 10 items) from The Saem, simply cos of the brand name. I mean, it’s all the same isn’t it? hurhurhur. Weak puns aside, I guess there was no star factor – as mentioned before in this review about the Nature Republic A-Fit Kit (which is totally awesome btw), I’m a sucker for celebrity ambassadors.

The Saem’s ambassador is Lee Seung Ki – who I like in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, and is pretty sporting on Running Man as a guest, but other than that, doesn’t really appeal to me. In fact, it seems that he’s the ajumma-killer in Korea. My Korean teacher is bonkers about him – I think it’s got something to with him being like the boy-next-door who lives in a castle cos he’s so good at working hard and saving truckloads of money.


I say…

This is a surprisingly good item!

  • It doesn’t feather.
  • It doesn’t smudge.
  • It dries quickly.
  • The pen tip gives the perfect width to my eyeliner (sorry, forgot to take a photo of it, will put one up soon!). It’s sort of a flat-tipped marker like this, but with rounded edges.


  • It lasts a relatively long time – about 4-6hours, after which it (naturally) disappears but doesn’t morph me into Why So Serious.
  • To dispense more ink, simply press down gently on the nib. Advisable to do so on a piece of tissue though – the ink doesn’t come gushing out, but you wouldn’t want part of your eyeline to look like an eye-roadhump right?

I’m pretty damn impressed with this product – Hear ye’ hear ye’, if you go to The Saem, this is not the same old eyeliner that you’ll see everywhere. Buy one and try it for yourself!


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