Review: Esprique Brilliant Liquid Eye Color

I’ve recently gone into major money-saving mode – in fact, I’ve decided to minimise shopping (on clothes, not makeup and skincare hehehe). I’ll channel the money into my next grand money-making mode – to buy a lot of gold, keep for a nong nong time (local slang for long, long time) and then sell it all for a truckload of profit.

Since everyone has to start somewhere, I’m starting with “gold” – gold liquid eye color from Esprique. Lame, I know, but heyyyyy at least my mind is in the right place, right?

esprique brilliang eye colorEsprique Brilliant Liquid Eye Colorin GD 052

esprique brilliang eye color (1)With a soft sponge-tipped applicator

esprique brilliant eye color

esprique brilliang eye color (2)A lovely champagne gold shade

esprique brilliang eye color (3)

I say…

As much as I want to own gold, I have never been a fan of gold-tinged makeup items, simply cos it doesn’t sit quite well with my skin tone. However, this is one that I wouldn’t mind trying.

  • It’s got a good mix of silver and gold (which means champagne), and therefore sort of neutralizes the yellow overload.
  • It comes in a handy-sized teardrop shaped container with a soft sponge-tipped applicator. I use it to dab some color onto my eyes, and then blend it out with my fingers.
  • It applies as a creamy product, but dries very quickly into a powder consistency that adheres even better than normal eyeshadows.
  • It’s not overwhelmingly gold – rather, it’s a good mixture of glitters with some multi-coloured specks as well.
  • I also use it on the under lashline to bring some light to the eyes, and also above the cheekbone. Not that my ginormous cheekbones require any more attention than they already receive, but I just wanna follow what my Korean hairstylist Jei does. Heh.

At $36 per piece, it’s kinda pricey, and as much as I like this product, I can’t bring myself to spending that much. Perhaps something just under $30 would suit my scrooge personality a little more. But hey, if you’ve got a tad bit more disposable income, you can try this one.


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