Review: The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome

I sometimes get why guys are unable to comprehend women – we can be a bunch of relatively convoluted beings. Just take me as a prime example.  I am always happy like a bird when I manage to find another use for a product – the Laneige Love in Bloom Sculpting Blusher is a blusher, highlighter and dark circle concealer woohoo!

Yet when a product comes with a double-usage label, I’m all sceptical, complete with The Rock’s one raised eyebrow.

Say hello to The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome -cue the eyebrow-

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome (2)Look closely – can you see remnants of my BB / foundation / loose powder on the dome?

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome (3)After one application: You can barely see the pink.

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome (4)After multiple applications: After vigorously applying this, some colour appears.

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome (6)Close-up: Even after many, many applications, the colour still isn’t intense enough for my liking. Plus, as a blusher, doesn’t it look too glossy?

TBS Lily Cole Lip Cheek Dome (7)Ironically, more colour appears on the tissue that I used to wipe my hand with. It’s an almost-neon pink shade.

I say…

The eyebrow remains raised.

  • I have no issues with the container and packaging – it’s an easy to open twist cap, which is what the CLIO Touching Apple Cheek should have had.
  • It’s a convenient size that fits snugly into the palm and is easy to grip with the fingers.
  • Sadly, as a blusher, it doesn’t cut it. The colour is so faint and requires multiple layers for the colour to manifest.
  • However, by then, the colour is so glossy that it looks like I tried to snuggle up with the arse of an incontinent baboon.
  • It’s also too glossy to pass off as a blusher – nope, it’s not even close to being called “dewy”. It’s like how none of my friends will call me Bae Suzy. hahahaha.
  • What’s more, it tends to pick up more foundation/BB/powder than depositing colour on my face. Why???? Now I’ll have to redo my cheek area. Tsk.
  • As a lip gloss, yes it adds a slight layer of gloss over my lips to help negate the chapped portions, but there’s really not much colour. Plus, the amount of moisture it maintains doesn’t compare to a normal lip balm.

So… it doesn’t perform well as a blusher, nor does it perform well as a lip gloss / balm. See, my initial scepticism was spot on. hah! Sorry Lily and The Body Shop – I love you, just not this product.


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