Review: Lancome Ombre In Love Eyeshadow

Although I’m usually the vainest pot that ever lived, I’ve recently lost some drive to do up the eye makeup, no thanks to my interrupted sleep. However, because of this, I’ve also uncovered a new makeup secret – dabbing the pink portion of the Laneige Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher helps mask my dark eye circles (which btw have evolved into something reminiscent of the Northern Lights since they’re also red, purplish, bluish and puffy). Sigh. My aegyo sal has reached epic proportions.

However, my motivation for prettying up the peepers has gone up by 10% with this product.

Lancome Ombre in Love

Lancome Ombre in Love (1)Yeah yeah, so sue me for desecration of beauty products – I gouge them out to test for powder grains as well as photo shoots.

Lancome Ombre in Love (2)

Lancome Ombre in Love (3)

Lancome Ombre in Love swatches

This range comes in just a few colours

Lancome Ombre in Love (4)Aren’t these the sweetest colours evaaaaa?

Lancome Ombre in Love (5)

Lancome Ombre in Love (6)

SAM_1407See, told you I had bad eyebags. Anyhoos, that’s the 10 Sugar Rose I’ve got on my upper eyelids. And no, that’s not a double eyelid surgery scar – I fell when I was young and got that scar.


Now it’s no secret I love Hyuna and wanna be as slutty and skanky as her. In this photo, she has minimal eye makeup, and I love the subtle pink sheen on her upper eyelids.

If you ignore my above photo (with the bad eyebags) taken with bad lighting, this Lancome Ombre 10 Sugar Rose can actually give you the same effect!

I say…

Some girls look like they cried themselves to sleep because they used the wrong shade of pink eyeshadow, but you can’t go wrong with the 10 Sugar Rose shade.

  • It’s glittery and sheer, so you don’t look like someone sucker punched you with a bag of tinsel.
  • The powder grains are fine and don’t flake all over.
  • The shimmer is also aplenty (and miniscule-sized), so there’s no need to apply many layers to get the shine you want.
  • If you want, you can also use the 10 Sugar to layer over your blusher to get an additional glow.
  • For the 50 Pistachio Cream – it’s a lovely mint shade for the more adventurous.
  • I’m pretty amazed by this product – what’s more, it also comes with an inbuilt mirror and a sponge-tip applicator, so it’s really convenient.

However, it retails for a relatively pricey £19.00 – not sure of the local price though. I personally wouldn’t pay that amount for just 1 colour – 2 or 3 might do it though. But then again, I’m a cheapskate, so if you’ve got more dough in the wallet, you could dole it out for this.


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