Review: Nature Republic A-Fit Kit

I’ve never been much of a Nature Republic fan – I’m guessing it’s because of their celebrity endorsers. See, I’m such a sucker an impressionable consumer that I’m easily swayed by whoever fronts the brand. Heh.

Kim-Hyun-Joong-for-The-Face-ShopI followed my hubby #1 Kim Hyun Joong from Tony Moly to The Face Shop (despite them photographing him quite badly)…

hera shin min ah…and I’ve thrown thousands of dollars at Hera cos I love Shin Min Ah…

tony moly ga in…not all love is lost for Tony Moly though – Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls is was there.

suzy canonMy beloved Bae Suzy from Miss A endorses Canon cameras. Thankfully I’m already using one – great minds think alike!

On the other hand, Nature Republic’s line of celebrity endorsers aren’t really my kind of idols.

nature republic karaI like Goo Hara (centre) cos she’s cute. The chick on the left… don’t know who she is, while Gyuri on the right has  features that don’t appeal to me. What’s more, this group with their self-proclaimed goddess tags… nahhhh it just doesn’t cut it with me.  Shameless self-praise should only take place in the sanctity of your own room.

nature republic jyj

JYJ is also another group that I never felt overwhelming love for – sure, Jaejoong (in the centre) is hot as hell, and I think Micky Yoochun on the right is a surprisingly good actor. Left dude, sorry, don’t know who you are. Perhaps they were popular back then (as part of TBXQ) and then the whole breakup just disrupted their popularity.

nature republic jgs

Last but not least, Jang Geun Suk. He’s been the face of Nature Republic for years now, and as much as I acknowledge his skyhigh popularity and ridiculously pretty features, I’m just not really into guys who are prettier than me.  Insecure much? hah. I just like manly men – think Sparta Kim Jong Kookie~♥ ^^

Anyhoos, after that too-long grandmother story preamble about celebrity endorsers, here’s the product that I’ll be reviewing – my very first Nature Republic product on this blog.

Nature Republic A Fit Kit (1)

Nature Republic A Fit Kit (2)

Nature Republic A Fit Kit

Nature Republic A Fit Kit (4)The A-Fit Wash – sorry for the inconsistencies in lighting – I had to do some minor tweaking so that you could see the fine grains. Click on picture to enlarge.

Nature Republic A Fit Kit (3)The A-Fit Whitening Cream

I say…

Damn, I should have bought ten of these. This is one awesome product!

  • The A-Fit Wash is basically like a cleansing with exfoliating beads for your underarms – just apply a small bead to your underarms and work it into a foam. Clean and then rinse.
  • Once you’ve dried yourself off, simply apply the A-Fit Whitening Cream and you’re done!
  • For obvious reasons, I am not displaying pictures, but all it took was one use and I could see a visible difference in the skin – less knobbly, smoother and softer skin.
  • The A-Fit Wash is a decent texture – lathers easily into an average consistency foam, and doesn’t leave my skin too dry or too oily.
  • The A-Fit Whitening Cream has an almost-powdery matte finish that isn’t too oily or sticky, which is awesome, since clearly no one likes sticky pits.
  • Both A-Fit products have a scent similar to that of baby powder – non-offensive and pleasant enough without being overpowering.
  • After 3 uses, my skin was more radiant – it wasn’t all dark and dank like some dungeon. Woohoo! Anybody say “put your hands up?”

What’s more, it’s so cheap! At KRW9,900, it’s only about SGD12 – for two products! I’m so carting home an entire duffel bag of this the next time I head to Korea. 😀

If you’re trying to buy it online, you can try searching for A-Fit or A Pit – not sure why the spelling differs though. Could be something to do with the Koreans not having an “f” syllable in their Hangeul.


11 thoughts on “Review: Nature Republic A-Fit Kit

  1. Ur post saddens me! Cuz I’m a big fan of JYJ… Haha they are endorsing Tony Moly now though 😉 I do think all 3 of them are super talented! The guy on the left is junsu aka Xia n he got an awesome voice!!
    Anyway I do understand pretty boys r not your type (though kim hyun joong is considered pretty, no?) haha
    I enjoyed all your posts on korea and korean products!! Will definitely try this out when I get the chance!!! 😉
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Ahhaha yes, true, KHJ is one of the prettiest ones I like (but he’s growing up to look disturbingly similar to Bae Yong Jun eek) – Jang Geun Suk is just too anime-pretty to be real XD

      Oh I should totally check out Tony Moly when I go over in April then! I have a giant bag from Nature Republic with JYJ’s faces on it – they’re quite the eye candy except for junsu hehe I hope his fans don’t come after me.

      you’re welcome~~ please continue to support my blog and I’ll create more awesome content to read ^^V

      • Lol at your comment on KHJ looking like BYJ!!! Wahhaha I think so too!!!
        Junsu is super cute in his own charming way!!! ;D
        Gg to korea in April?? Super envy.. I haven’t gone korea yet, just started learning korean, hopefully can go soon 😉

      • ㅋㅋㅋ 제이씨 열심히 배우면 할수있는데 잘하세용~
        You can also go there without speaking Korean if you visit the touristy spots 😀

        I wish KHJ would stop looking like BYJ ajussi.. eeeeee. BYJ has over-botoxed lips. haha

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