Review: Kate Liquid Eyeliner

The construction of a new apartment block just 5m across the road from my house is driving me nuts. I can barely sleep a wink when they go at it – it’s like a dubstep mass orgy I tell you.

Because of that, I wake up looking more and more dreary-eyed every day, which means more effort is needed to pretty myself up before facing the world.

Here’s something I unearthed from my makeup chest amidst all the construction unearthing and pounding.

kate liquid eyelinerKate Liquid Eyeliner- $23.50

kate liquid eyeliner (1)

kate liquid eyeliner (2)

I say…

-grudging nod of approval- I’m pleasantly surprised by this.

  • It comes in a no-frills packaging – no glitter, no gold-gilded edges, no nothing. Just a simple rectangular-shaped container tube with a twist-open brush top.
  • The brush tip is really fine – a bit too fine for my usual eyeliner style, so I find myself having to draw on several layers to thicken up the line.
  • However, since it’s so fine, it can do really well in drawing the fish-tail ends of the Kpop-inspired fishtail eyeliners. Basically, this will suit any look that requires eyeliner on the lower lash line – Hyuna in Ice Cream, Miss A’s Suzy in Goodbye Baby, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and T-ara’s Jiyeon.
  • Plus, the colour is intense – it’s a really deep and rich black.
  • It’s amazingly smudge and oil-proof – it lasted the whole day without giving me racoon eyes. That’s not to say it doesn’t fade – it loses about 20% of its original intensity, but it sort of disintegrates into nothing, so you don’t get black flakes or smudges on your undereye area. Well done Kate! So far, the only eyeliner I’ve tried that does this is the Laneige Natural Eyeliner.
  • For the upper eye, this is more suitable for those who want a more natural look – the line drawn is really fine and thin.
  • For the lower eye, this is a perfect undereye eyeliner cos it doesn’t smudge much.

Geddit geddit geddit 😀


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