Review: Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy EX from Shiseido

I’ve always been a reluctant one when it comes to hair cuts, but now, finally, for the first time in my life, I have a perpetual urge to chop off my locks. Perhaps once my damaged locks are removed, I can go from Medusa to Sedusa.

Meanwhile, I guess I can make the best of the situation by exploring previously uncharted waters – the world of hair products.

Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy ExMa Cherie Aqua Dew Energy EX from Shiseido – $16.90

Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex (1)A super nice-smelling floral-scented gel

Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex (2)Can you see the difference in my hair?

Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex (3)Least you be dazzled by my overwhelming beauty, here’s once with my face cropped out so you can see the difference. hah.

I say…

This is a leave-in gel treatment for the hair, which I use as a hair styling product.

  • I daresay its top selling point is its scent – omg it makes me feel so fabulous! It’s the signature scent of the Ma Cherie range, so for those who haven’t got shit hair like me, you can just get the Hair Fragrance.
  • Of course, it also helps to tame my hair slightly – it makes the ends look less dry.
  • It also helps to define the curls slightly as well, but because it’s more of a moisture treatment, it tends to be a little heavier and weighs down the curls.
  • The first few times I used it, I got too addicted to the scent and applied this tooooo liberally – I ended up with sticky clumpy hair and this couldn’t be washed out till two days later. SO – just a 2cm pearl size is enough for each bottom half of the hair. Just like how you would apply conditioner – avoid applying this on the top parts near your scalp.
  • Sad to say, there are no lasting effects though – after my daily shampoo, my hair reverts back to its crappy condition. If your hair is in better condition than mine, it might work better.

Overall, worth a try simply cos it smells so good and keeps my hair under control. Oh yes, and it’s affordable too, at just $16.90.


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