Review: Etude House Oh My God! It’s That Time Again Heat Patch

If in the (highly unlikely) event that I ever do become President of the World, I’m of the firm belief that women should get paid extra salary the same way men get paid extra for having served national service – you know, to compensate for loss time.

Hello, we’re doing national pro-creation service here – if you take 7 days per month for 25 years, that equates to 2,100 days. This is 5 years 9 months of our lives spent suffering in agony – and it doesn’t even take into consideration the 3-5 days of PMS where we bloat up spectacularly, get invaded by pimples and go into self-loathing. Andddddd what about all the money we spend on sanitary pads and feminine products? Tsk.

What’s more, here’s another product that we can spend our (insufficient) salary / allowance on – Etude House’s Oh My God! It’s That Time Again Heat Patch.

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch (1)(sorry about this unclear photo, will upload a new one soon!) – just wanted to show how the patch should be stuck on.

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch (2)Two uber cute heart-shaped gel sheets

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch (3)

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch (4)The gel-sticker heat patch is colour-less (the white colour is from the backing sheet

OMG Its That Time Again Heat Patch (5)Using Singapore’s transportation card as a size gauge – yes my card is that battered cos taking public transport is equivalent to war. I’m not kidding.

I say…

This is such a cute product! The novelty is definitely there – heart-shaped heat-producing patches that could possibly alleviate my monthly madness? I grabbed 5 off the shelf at one go.

  • One sheet is supposed to go onto the lower abdomen while the other should go on the lower back, presumably to heat up the tum tums and the lower aching back.
  • The sheets adhere pretty well to the skin, especially freshly-showered skin. However, be sure to minimise movement – only duct tape will stay on if you keep moving up and down and all around.
  • It does produce heat gradually (within about 5 minutes(, and doesn’t overheat the skin. However, for me, it slowly became prickly and I kept wanting to scratch my skin. My skin didn’t turn red though.
  • The recommended period of application was about 1-2 hours, but I kept it on for only 30-45 minutes before I took it off. The itch was not unbearable – I’m just the sort that absolutely has to scratch the itch.
  • That said, my period cramps did subside slightly during the time I applied the heat patches.

I guess your love for this product will have to depend on your skin’s reaction to the patches – for me, I guess I’ll stick to my panadol pinks for now.


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