Review: L’Oreal EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse

I recently chopped about 4-5 inches off at some hair salon in Sinchon, Korea. For girls who have long hair, you’ll know my pain – it was like seeing a miniature poodle on the floor 😦 But I had no choice – my hair was just a crowning mane of insane from the two perms in 12 months (note to self: do not indulge in hairy kamikaze acts like these anymore)

My decision to chop my hair was met with a nod of agreement by my most beloved Jei – the awesome and dauntingly cool hair stylist (who’s now at Switch Hair Zone) who doesn’t speak a word of English but can still cut hair in 4-inch heels without wincing in pain.

photoI had this shit hay hair…

jei…and under the skillful hands of Jei (look at her shiny crown of hair and perfectly coiffed ends!)…

photo(1)…I’m now Suzy Fatzy. Winter clothing is so unflattering, especially when you have to endure -19 degrees celsius temperatures. But anyway, don’t you notice the awesome and drastic difference in my hair?

Now that I have some semblence of hair, my curls are actually visible again. Which means, I can start experimenting with hair curling products again. yay!

Loreal Curl Activating MousseL’Oreal EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse – $17.90

Even though I missed the L’Oreal EverStyle launch event due to torrential rains and flooding at my place, the PR peeps very kindly sent me a set for review. My eyes zeroed in on this L’Oreal EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse simply cos, well, my hair really needs some activation of some sort.

Loreal Curl Activating Mousse (1)Ok, please ignore the totally crappy tee – it’s a much-loved limited edition Uniqlo-Big Bang tee that I bought from Korea heh.

Loreal Curl Activating Mousse (2)The picture on the left is taken without flash, and the one on the right is taken with flash for better clarity.

Loreal Curl Activating Mousse (3)Ironically, the clearest photo I can get is this one which I took using the front-camera of the iPhone.  Shame on you, 14MP digital camera that I shall not name.

I say…

I prefer this mousse to the gel product from the range (review to come soon!).

  • It is easy to apply – simply dispense the mousse  and apply it the ends of your hair. I didn’t take a photo of it cos, you know, mousse is mousse.
  • I dispense around one palmful of mouse (for the whole head, not one palmful for each side), rub it in with two hands and then twist the ends around my fingers / scrunch it up in my palm.
  • The instructions say to apply it onto damp hair, but I find that it makes my hair sticky and stiff throughout the day. I now prefer to use it on dry hair, which leaves it feeling airy with nice bouncy curls that I can run my fingers through.
  • I like that it doesn’t look like there’s product on my hair – well, perhaps a little, but not the overdone look. Something that makes me seem like I bother to groom myself slightly before leaving the house.
  • One of the reasons why I like it is also cos it’s an alcohol-free product – if my hair were to get any drier with the typical hair products, it might just very well erupt into a forest fire with just a slight static spark.
  • The scent is a tad bit strong though – it’s like swath of scent engulfing the area around my face the whole day, reminding me that I applied hair product in the morning.
  • It lasts for the whole day and doesn’t go flat, which is a great plus point.

If you’re in need of some curl control, this is worth a try. It’s affordable at just $17.90 and is available at Watsons and Guardians (I think! – will dig around for the press release to confirm)


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