Review: CLIO Touching Apple Cheek

I’m beginning to fall deeper in love with CLIO – the brand whose ambassador is Lee Hyori, the queen of all eyeliners before Ga In came along. Not only are their products awesome, their staff give really awesome service as well!

During my winter pilgrimage to Korea recently, I wandered into CLIO with not much intention to shop. That contrasts with my usual – I usually charge into the shops like a bull on a red-flag mission, and do the  point-point-point-give-me-all-those-products that you can only visualise in dramas or movies.

What changed my mind?

The sales staff who resembles So Hee from The Wonder Girls. Not only was she cute, she wasn’t pushy and spoke really good English for a Korean, thus cutting down my need to think in English, convert to Korean in my head and then voice it out while hoping I don’t have a country bumpkin slang.

The makeup artist. As I walked around the shop, the makeup artist would very happily try out all the products on me and she wasn’t pushy at all. What’s more, even though the makeup artist didn’t speak a word of English, the sales staff would translate for me. Zomg I felt so happy – I eventually received a full makeover there. hah. Plus, as I was lugging around a giant bag of shopping, the makeup artist even gave me a gigantic recycled bag to store all my products. Super feeling the love!♥

And yes, I ended up splurging spending about KRW200,000. If I’m not wrong, CLIO has 2 branches in Myeongdong. I went to the one opposite Artbox and F21.

Here’s one product that I really like – one of their newest products called the Touching Apple Cheek.

CLIO Touching Apple CheekCLIO Touching Apple Cheek – KRW8,000 each

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek (1)

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek Featured clio shades2Their official advert / flyer taken from CLIO’s website

clio shades

5 shades available: 1 Sheer Pink, 2 Baby Pink, 3 Mellow Orange, 4 Rosy Coral, 5 Land Brown

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek (2)

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek (3)

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek (4)

CLIO Touching Apple Cheek (5)

I say…

Well, considering the fact that I bought the same item in 3 shades, it says something right? I love this product!

  • It’s in a really compact packaging that’s easy to carry around for touch-ups.
  • That said, the cover is slightly hard to prise out – it’s not a twist-up as I initially thought. It’s just a click-shut.
  • What you see is what you get – that’s all the product that is – you can’t rotate to reveal more.
  • But then again, a little really goes a long way for this. I’ve used my Land Brown Touching Apple Cheek for about 2-3 weeks and you can barely see a dent in the product.
  • It’s shaped like a dome so that you can just hold it and apply it directly on your face, but I’m not a fan of this application method. Somehow, I just end up picking up product from my face  i.e. my foundation goes from my face onto the product. Instead, I use my fingers or a brush.
  • The texture is awesome – it’s kind of like cream, but manifests into a powdery cream. Note the matte finishing in my swatches above. It’s so easily blended in as well.
  • Sheer Pink: I use it as a highlighter for my nose bridge, forehead and C-zone.
  • Baby Pink: I use it as a blusher.
  • Land Brown: I use it as a contouring product – for the sides of the nose, under the cheek bones and along the hairline.

At the moment of purchase, I was going “WTF am I doing why I am buying 3 of the same product in different colours?!” but now, I’m going “WTF. Why didn’t I buy all the colours?!” Meh! 😦


4 thoughts on “Review: CLIO Touching Apple Cheek

  1. Hi, i’ve been trying to find a review about this product and finally found you! Just a quick one, are they pigmented? N do they last long? I had the BodyShop Lily Cole dome blush and this remind me of that except not pigmented at all.

    • Hi Marianne, sorry for the late reply! they last a pretty decent time, have average colour intensity and don’t oxidise much – thankfully they just disappear / melt away. and yes, I wasn’t feeling the Body Shop Lily Cole dome blush too!

    • Hi Ferolyn, I’m not sure where specifically in Australia you can get this, but you can also try online at Gmarket, Mootta, and various other online beauty stores 😀

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