Review: Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance from Shiseido

Synonymous with Korean culture is their love for BBQ meats with soju, and boy, do I love those too. What’s more, in Singapore, there is BBQ meat buffet – for about $25 per pax, you can stuff your face full of meat. nom nom nom.

However, the downside is that the meat fumes always get into your hair and clothes. The Korean staff at these places (in both Singapore and Korea) very generously and thoughtfully provide Febreeze / Dettol sprays for your clothes, but the hair.. oh, the hair. it smells like meat for hours and hours and hourssssss.

When I attended the Ma Cherie and Senka launch, I was quite excited by this product. For once, a nice-smelling product that doesn’t require me to take a 7-hour flight to purchase (and yes yes, I know I can get Etude House in Singapore, but I’m just not keen on paying 2x the price heh).

IMG_2081Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance 100g – $16.90


I say…

  • It smells wonderful! All fruity and floral and makes me wanna prance around in a frilly frock and twirl on the spot.
  • There’s nothing else I can really say though – I mean, just press the nozzle and the fragrance comes out in an appropriate amount.
  • It won’t leave your hair dripping-wet – it’s not a hair mist, but a hair fragrance. It’s like spritzing nice scented-wind into your hair.
  • It’s in a full size – I do wish it came in a handy carry size though, so that I can shove it into my handbag and carry it around conveniently.

But then again, since there’s a lack of decent-smelling hair fragrances around, I guess this will do just fine for spritzing away those meat smells and perhaps sending a whiff of love your way from those hot men at Korean BBQ spots – I’m not kidding. It seems like these places are watering holes for cute young Korean hunks. hah.


3 thoughts on “Review: Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance from Shiseido

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