Event: Remy Martin Centaur Dance Showdown 2013

There’s no legit reason to turn down an invite to an event, especially if:

a) it’s a red carpet event

b) it involves hot dancing bodies (of both men and women)

c) it involves the F-words – Friday, friends and free flow

Of course I was totally there for the Remy Martin Centaur Dance Showdown last friday, which also had Jolin Tsai as the special guest cos she’s also the celebrity ambassador for Remy.

remy1Thankfully, I got a place in the paparazzi pit – there was hundreds of people queueing up! :O This is Sheikh Haikel, one of Singapore’s local artistes / rapper.

remy2May and Choy Wan, although I can’t differentiate who’s who. The dude in the centre happens to be an ex-CLEO bachelor Julian, whom we affectionately call PPJJ cos he’s so Polly Pocket size.

remy3A super, super, super gorgeous Vietnamnese celeb Ho Ngoc Ha – seriously, isn’t she just 100% star material?

remy4Group shot of Very Important people

remy5Another super beautiful star-quality lady – the one in the chiffon long sleeves is called Ya Ya Ying and she is fabulous too!

remy6And the reason, or rather, reasons, why I took photos of this lady.. well, they’re pretty obvious. I hereby bestow upon her the title of Honorary Nehmber of my Neh-ssociation. (Neh is local slang for boob).

remy7And the star of the day arrives! We spent an hour miling around waiting for this Dancing Diva. These initial shots are a bit blurry cos the photographers were all in a flurry trying to get shots.

remy7bAn almost-clear photo of Jolin Tsai!


remy8Almost there…

remy9… and yes! I have a decent photo of Jolin!

Since I’m no fan girl, I immediately turn tail and zoom into the main hall to get some chairs.

remy11Our little version of walking the red carpet – seriously, it felt pretty good! hahaha

remy12An unexpectedly huge crowd – Remy sure does have budget!

remy13Finally, at my table! I was quite surprised though – I had expected free flow, but to place two new bottles at our disposal along with the mixers and food – NAISE

remy14Sheikh shaking it and doing his thang

remy15And she takes the stage! note the sudden influx of fan boys in front of me

remy16I tried taking a photo of the large screen since all the stupid fan boys were blocking me (and they had their arms raised up high with their cameras and phones)

remy17Finally! An opening for me to take photos!

remy18The Dancing Diva’s earpiece was bothering her and apparently didn’t work, so she just took it off.

remy19All smiles now that the bothersome earpiece was off.

remy20Belting it out for one of her more famous ballads – Dao dai (also sung by ex-boyfriend Jay Chou – not sure if it was written for her by him as well)

remy21This girl has arms to rival Michelle Obama, and is now totally my inspiration. Look at the toned arms and shoulders! :O

remy22Crowning the winners – the Viet team! For the first time, I realise that Viet guys aren’t that bad looking. Hah.

remy23The Viet boys are USD10,000 richer. Woot woot. Congrats! (although that only works out to be USD2,000 per pax)

remy24The convention hall is converted into a large club with DJ Andrew Chow

remy25Last photo of the night – a photo taken by a drunk passerby. hah.


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