Review: Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask

We just had a London weekend – it was raining non-stop and the skies were overcast and perpetually grey. The temperature even dipped from our usual sauna-like 35 degrees celsius to 24 degrees celsius. Nice and cool, and perfect of staying in the entire weekend. And you know what’s even better? A luxurious expensive Sulwhasoo mask 😀

snowisemaskSulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask (and no, the mask doesn’t look anything that that)

sws snowise mask

sws snowise mask (1)

sws snowise mask (2)

This is how the mask really looks like – oozing and soaked with what I assume is Sulwhasoo Whitening Serum. The mask itself is sandwiched between two pieces of veil in order to preserve its shape (or else it’ll crumple into a ball of nothing).

Sorry for the unprofessional photography that isn’t my usual style, but I wasn’t about to place this onto my photobox and waste all le essence. heh.

sws snowise mask (3)A close up of the mask that’s packed neatly in between two sheets of veil

sws snowise mask (4)And voila! Me, my towel turban and my sulwhasoo mask – it’s the closest, most snug-fitting mask I’ve ever applied on my face . It’s almost like cling film.

sws snowise mask (5)

sws snowise mask (6)Check out how thin and fine the material is – no wonder it has to be hand made. (and that prolly explains the price tag too)

sws snowise mask (7)And after 20 minutes – all le goodness is on my face, and this is what’s left –  a crumpled mess of nothing.

I say…

Woah, this was worth the wait.  I had actually gotten some of these masks some time back as demanded gifts for throwing spending a lot of money at the Lotte Myeong Dong Sulwhasoo counter, and was saving them as a treat for myself.

  • The sheet mask is so well-cut and adheres perfectly to the contours of your face. There are no weird flaps sticking out, and everything that should stay on your face stays. And no wonder – it’s all handmade.
  • There’s a generous supply of serum / essence given, so much that you can use it for several days after. In fact, I managed to save mine for 5 more daily doses.
  • The application can be a tad tricky though – you’ll really need to make sure that it doesn’t drip onto your dresser or floor since there’s so much essence, and there’s also the extra step of having to gingerly remove the veil sheets without tangling up the mask itself. Definitely a two-handed job.
  • After usage, my skin feel more moist (surprisingly, even though it’s supposed to be a whitening mask).
  • I’m already naturally fair, so I can’t tell much of a difference in skin tone. Plus, I’ve been using Sulwhasoo for years, so the effects would already have started showing much earlier. (ie since I use the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Serum)

Get this only as a treat for yourself – I’m not sure of the price for this version, but the Snowise Whitening EX Mask is S$162 for 10 sheets. For that amount I’d rather spend it on a bottle of serum that goes a longer way 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask

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  3. Glad I found this review! I have this whitening mask in my cart for a few days trying to decide to get it or not. I will have to give it a shot! Plus having to justify the cost of this mask.

    • It is pretty pricy, but if you’re considering a mask, I’d rather recommend the overnight vitalising treatment. It’s a leave-on sleeping pack and you wake up to firmer and smoother skin. Less hassle and more affordable too 🙂

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