Review: CLIO Twistup Waterproof Mascara Remover

I sometimes feel like Harry Potter with a cave full of gold – I’ve got more than $400 worth of credit with Browhaus, but I haven’t been doing my eyelash extensions (which are about $120 per session). Although they make me look so fabulously doll-like and enlarge my eyes to almost Ayumi Hamasaki I-look-like-I-drank-a-lot-of-sake standards, I just can’t live with the downside of not being able to rub my face in my pillow. Or rubbing my eyes. Or pressing my face into my towel to dry it. I like my little pleasures of life.

Hence begins my journey to find the perfect mascara, and with it, the perfect mascara remover so as to minimise balding eyelids and eyelash avalanches.

Although my Biore Cleansing Wipes usually remove my makeup quite thoroughly, there’s just something about mascara that requires intensive Dettol-like removers. My current favourite is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover, but this one isn’t all that bad.

cliomascararemoverThe packaging shows a blue tube, but I get a grey tube. Same difference – Potayto, potahto, I say.

cliomascararemover (1)

cliomascararemover (2)A special angled applicator to help reach the innermost parts of your eyes

I say…

  • This works the same way as the Heroine Make Mascara remover – simply comb it onto your mascara-ed lashes, leave them to “melt” the mascara for a few minutes, and then use a tissue to gently dab it away.
  • However, this one isn’t as tough as the Heroine Make – it doesn’t remove the mascara as thoroughly and when I wipe over it with a Biore Cleansing Wipe, there’re still remnants of mascara.
  • I use this with mascaras that aren’t so tough to remove.
  • The comb applicator is angled to help reach the inner corners of your eyes, but be careful – it tends to pick up more remover and if it gets in your eyes, it’ll prolly sting. But then again, since it picks up more remover, I usually just use the top angled portion to douse my lashes with remover. The more the merrier, and the more mascara it melts.
  • The remover doesn’t have any scent. It’s a slightly thicker consistency (but not quite gel-like yet). Neither is it a runny liquid.
  • It’s gentle enough and removes about 70% of the mascara with minimal eyelash fall.

I can’t remember how much I bought this for – perhaps KRW17,000. Worth a try if your mascaras don’t cling on like an octopus to your lashes.


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