Review: Hanskin Metallic Eyeshadow / Hanskin Silk Basic Eyeshadow

Long ago in 2010, there was a Hanskin outlet in Myeongdong, but I only discovered it when it was having its closing-down sale. Of course, I grabbed a basketload of BB creams (that were only going for KRW10,000 each!), and a whole truckload of other stuff that I didn’t need.

Since then, I haven’t really come across another Hanskin outlet until recently – I ventured to the inner depths of Sinchon and found one small, tiny little outlet! What’s more, there was a SALE. Of course, I reverted to my ballistic self.

hanskineyeshadowA slightly stained box cos my Innisfree shampoo / conditioner exploded in my luggage heh.

hanskineyeshadow (1)Hanskin Metallice Eyeshadow in Beige Roast and Silk Basic Eyeshadow in Nudy Beige

hanskineyeshadow (2)A close-up:  Look at how fine the powder grains are!

hanskineyeshadow (3)

hanskineyeshadow (4)

hanskineyeshadow (6)

hanskineyeshadow (5)A huge variety of Koreanish colours (that sadly, were sold out when I was there)

I say…

I love this!

  • Firstly, it comes in such a compact and well-designed casing – no magnet, no click-look, no twisting. Instead, there’s a certain spring-lock mechanism that helps you avoid accidentally opening it, snaps it shut so firmly, and yet is easy to open.
  • The Silk Basic Eyeshadows are more nude and basic colours – more of base colours. Only in 5 colours – Nudy Purple, Nudy Khaki, Nudy Brown, Nudy Beige and Nudy Pink.
  • The Metallic Eyeshadows are more glittery and for making your eyes pop. Also available in 5 colours.
  • The powder grains are so fine and don’t flake all over my face.
  • The Silk Basic Eyeshadow in Nudy Beige is the perfect shade of beige for my base eye colour – great for shading and blending, or just for a normal day look.
  • To add some subtle sparkle to my eye, I use the Metallic Eyeshadow. The sparkle flecks are great for illuminating my eyes and making them look larger.
  • Plus, they last pretty long, and can go about 4-5 hours without caking. That, by my oil-lid standards, is pretty amazing.

If you manage to find a Hanskin store, I say get alllll the colours. It was so cheap – KRW6,000 before a20-40% discount. woah.


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