Review: Cle De Peau Beaute Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Most guys I know don’t give two rats’ arses about their faces – in fact, some of them even use soap bars for their faces, which I find to be absolutely atrocious, and makes me wanna cuff them and spank them really hard (though it might not be a bad thing for them hurhurhur).

I’m not expecting them to go all out with $100 cleansers, but heading over to Watsons and picking up a decent Vichy cleanser, or even a Nivea one is still much better. Tsk. The men just really don’t get it. Of course, I’m talking about my straight guy friends – my sistas use products that are wayyyy more luxe than mine.

Here’s one of my rare luxuries – an expensive cleanser.


cdpcleanser (2)A rich creamy cleanser – ooh baybeh, so luxe.

cdpcleanser (3)Extremely miniscule grains for gentle exfoliaton – can you see them?

cdpcleanser (4)Working out into a fine foamy lather that isn’t too watery

I say…

Luxe is as luxe does. Cle De Peau is one of the more expensive Japanese brands out there and boy, I can see why. Each of their products are typically Japanese – the money goes into the details and quality.

  • This is a rich creamy cleanser that isn’t too thick or icky or heavy.
  • It has miniscule, almost unnoticeable grains in it for gentle daily exfoliation.
  • With just a bit of water, it works into a nice lather that isn’t too thick nor too watery. Neither does it erupt into a mountain of bubbles that go up my nose – boy, do I hate that.
  • It cleans well. It doesn’t require double cleansing, leaves no oily residue and yet doesn’t strip my face of all moisture (that squeaky dry tight skin feeling is a super big tell-tale sign that your cleanser is close to being Dettol for your face).
  • My skin feels softer, smoother and slightly fairer (or to put it more simply, a more even skin tone) after a couple of months of usage (I’ve got about 40% left).
  • The scent is a gentle fragrant that’s so mild that I can barely identify what it is – which is good.
  • Also, a little goes a long way – I squeeze out about 0.5cm – 0.75cm and it’s enough for the entire face. 1cm is way too much.
  • The packaging box is pretty, with gold borders, while the tube packaging is well… a tube. No plus or minus points there, but hey, at least the gold is still intact after months of usage.

It retails for SGD83 on Nordstrom. If you’ve got the extra cash, you can try investing in this. Perhaps if I strike the lottery, I might buy myself another tube. But first,  prolly have to start buying lottery…


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