Review: Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Forgive me, my dear readers – I’m still in trip-hangover mode, so the frequency of my beauty product reviews are slightly tardy. Plus,  I usually take my photos on the weekends (when the sun is bright and my energy levels are 100%), and I’ve been hard at work this entire week, so I haven’t had time to sort through my gigantic stash of shopping from Korea and take proper peektures. I have, however, starting using them, and yayyyy I’m so happy that I managed to score such awesome stuff again!

Here’s one that I had actually planned to review before I went to Korea, but I was too busy panic packing throwing random bunches of clothing and toiletries into my luggage that I never got around to doing a proper write-up. I don’t do half-arsed efforts, so I figured I’d keep it till I got back. And voila – here it is!

IMG_3136Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick in shade T7


SAM_1374Godzilla lipsssssss


I say…

When my girlfriend first told me that she spent about a hundred on a CDP lipstick, I gasped and berated her for it, going on like a broken tape recorder about how she should spend the money on me instead. But now, I know.

Luxury products are indeed luxurious and well-made – if you’re looking to reward yourself for scoring that high grade or promotion, or (in this more wallet-friendly scenario) have someone who owes you a belated Christmas present, you can get this one 😀 It’s definitely one product that you’ll find yourself wanting to use everyday, and therefore is worth the moolah (vs the Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick).


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